As an important part of all of our programs, Isha Institute of Inner-sciences prepares delicious vegetarian fare that is conducive for a healthy body and mind, including highly-pranic raw and living foods that boost the energy of the system. Many of our meals are made from fresh vegetables and herbs cultivated from our own garden.

Some of our meals feature hearty American favorites with a southern Tennessee flare, others feature the classic pungent spices of Indian cuisine, still others have the savory tang of classic middle-eastern dishes or the fragrant zing of Thai food. All the meals at iii are created to support yogic practice – vitality of the body, vibrant energy, and an alert, peaceful mind.

After many eager requests, iii compiled our first book of eclectic, multi-cultural vegetarian recipes in 2010. This first edition of Taste of Isha is available through Isha Shoppe. A more complete guide to nutritious and pranic vegetarian cooking is currently underway.