God, Matter, and Information: What is Ultimate?

Theoretical scientists are defining matter in terms of bits of information. Is information the same as consciousness, and if so does that mean that all matter is conscious or divine in nature?

Is information the same as consciousness, and if so does that mean that all matter is conscious or divine in nature? Sadhguru explains:

A particle collision from the Large Hadron Collider

What is consciousness?

You know that you are here only because you are conscious. Essentially, being conscious means that something more than the physical is happening to you right now. At different moments of your life, you are in different levels of consciousness. When someone dies, just the physical body is there, there is nothing conscious in it. If you are asleep, the physical body is dominant, but with a little provocation, it becomes conscious. When you are awake, it is much more conscious. So, consciousness can be toned up.

This can be taken to higher levels of consciousness. If you become fully conscious, everything that can be known is known to you. Consciousness essentially means that you are talking about life being on full voltage. If a light bulb is at low voltage, you can see only this much. If you increase the voltage, you can see more. If it is at full voltage, you see as much as you can see. This is just about getting this life process to its full voltage, so that it can perceive everything it is capable of perceiving.

When we say physicality, it means a separation. The reason why you and the person sitting next to you are two separate pieces of life is because of your physicality. Though that person may be inhaling what you exhale, you are still separate because of your physical boundary. What you call as consciousness is a non-physical entity. If it is non-physical, it is naturally a union. There are no “two”. There is only “one” – one consciousness.

That “one”, you may call it cosmic, you may call it God, and you may call it transcendence, because you transcended the many and became one. As you become more conscious, you become less physical, and as you become less conscious, you become more physical. Physicality is ruled by boundaries. Consciousness is not about a boundary. Consciousness is about boundlessness.

Storing information on energy

At one time, we had to carve whatever we knew on a stone. We transmitted knowledge through stone tablets. Once the printing machine came, we could put the information stored in a million stone tablets in a book. Later, we put what could be put into many books into a CD or a cassette. Today, we are putting that into a microchip or a nanochip. It is not far away that modern technologies will explore storing information in energy itself. From my experience of my system, information is stored in the physiology, the brain, the very chemistry, and the basic energy. Energy information is stored, so each person's energies behaves differently, depending upon the kind of software and information stored. The same can also be done outside, it is just a question of time and technology.

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