Consecration – An Experience Beyond Logic

Lokesh K, an Isha meditator from California, shares his experience of consecration processes at iii and at the Isha Yoga Center. 

I have been practicing Isha yoga for the past nine+ years now and it has been a tremendous experience. I have been fortunate to be part of Mahima consecration, Linga Bhairavi consecration, Aadhi Yogi Aalayam consecration and the recent Suryakund consecration.

Sadhguru during recent Suryakund consecration at IYC

Mahima consecration showed the deeper mystical side of Sadhguru in the way the program was conducted.  Linga Bhairavi consecration was an extremely powerful experience and brought forth transformations of many sort with me. Shortly after this event our family had a fundamental life shift by moving to California with both my wife and myself landing in better positions and earnings. The first year had a huge financial impact on our life in a positive way.

Mahima consecration

With all these experiences of several consecrations I certainly did not want to miss the Suryakund consecration. Though I missed the first day's cleansing and sensitizing part, I was fortunate to be part of the second days' main consecration event. The consecration along with the mantra chanting took me to intense states. Especially the energizing of the seven chakras towards the end was intense, and I could feel the energetic impact on each of them. To me these events happen once in several lifetimes and I certainly don’t want to miss any. These events are truly timeless and spaceless.

Even when I am not in India, as long as I can witness it from the US ashram I derive the same opportunity. I could feel Sadhguru's presence very much in the Mahima hall. I am pretty sure in the next three months something much more intense will happen in my life. Consecrations are intense spaces of energy which will soak you and benefit you in a really quick way. What takes several years of Sadhana can be realized in a day's time. Consecrations have touched me fundamentally and very intensely and have brought forth many transformations in my life. After every consecration my senses have expanded more, more transformation has happened, more wonders have happened in my life.

 My yogic journey is unbelievably thrilling and interesting and only gets better. Several unimaginable and wonderful events have happened in the past 4-5 years which is beyond logic .

Have you been a part of a consecration process with Sadhguru, either at iii, at a home, or in India? What was your experience?

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