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  • God, Matter, and Information: What is Ultimate?

    Theoretical scientists are defining matter in terms of bits of information. Is information the same as consciousness, and if so does that mean that all matter is conscious or divine in nature? Is information the same as consciousness, and if so does that mean that all matter is conscious or divine in nature? Sadhguru explains: What is […]

  • Is Yoga Against My Religion?

    At Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School in Encinitas, California, a new controversy is flaring up surrounding the teaching of yoga poses to the young students. Some parents have expressed concern to school officials that the students' daily practice of yoga and asanas conflicts with their religious beliefs. Below, Sadhguru responds to a questioner, "I am practicing yoga. […]

  • Invocation – Get Yourself in Tune

    If you have ever been to an Isha event or program, you may have heard an invocation. What is an invocation? Is it a song? A prayer? Sadhguru explains below: Sadhguru : (After the Invocation) “So, the first question that comes to your mind, what prayer is this? Well, that’s not prayer, it’s an invocation. […]

  • New Year, New Vision

    “The New Year is an opportunity and a possibility for newer Visions of life. Blessed is the one who has clarity of Vision of the here and hereafter.” – Sadhguru   In this vast existence, there is no such thing as “Old Year” and “New Year”. These are all demarcations that we as human beings have made. […]

  • Create What You Want for the New Year

    Are you making resolutions for the New Year? Whether you are looking to improve your health, further your career, enhance your relationships or any other aspect of your life, your own mind can be an amazing instrument capable of creating whatever you want. Whenever you have goals for yourself, it's important to establish them clearly […]

  • Season of Giving

    "I want you to understand, you have come with nothing. So you cannot give. There is nothing to give. Everything, we have picked up from here. We take a lot and we give little, that’s the only way we can live. It doesn’t matter how much you give, what you have taken is bigger than […]

  • Accepting Loss

    Sadhguru speaks about accepting the loss of a loved one: There was a woman named Kisagotami. She came from a poor family, but married a wealthy man. This man saw the love and kindness in her heart, so despite his family's rejection of her, he married her. It was only when she bore a son […]

  • Yoga: Breaking the Cycle

    Sadhguru on Transforming Oneself from a Person to a Presence The following is an excerpt from a darshan with Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, India, on 30 October 2012. Of all the things in the world, of all the things that a human being can do, why yoga? Everything that human beings can do […]