Isha Rejuvenation Sharings

Ayur Rasayana Intensive

I like the idea of total wellness which is emphasized through yoga, kriyas, and a proper diet. I feel very energized by the whole routine and hope to incorporate it in my daily life.

Jyoti Thakore, 70, Artist, Michigan, USA

I especially liked the walks and the trip to the waterfall and the nearby village. I enjoyed the food and it was fun to be with the other group members. I have started to sleep much better after the program

Marlies Meijer, 31 Accountant, Holland

Ayur Rasayana

Blissful - A perfect nurturing space for recovering from external stresses as a preparation for the next step on my inner journey. It has rekindled my ability to receive, and to reconnect me with my physical self in a very loving way.

Pippa Vine, 56, Writer/ Editor, Cambridge UK

This is the best vacation I ever had. I had to laugh out loud several times because it was so unimaginably nice.

Doug Carraway, 31, Video Producer, Ohio, USA

Fantastic! The sacredness of the ashram and love and dedication of the people at Isha Rejuvenation has made this a program that cannot possibly be duplicated.

Ritva Porter, 50, Artist, Atlanta, USA

Amazing experience. The coordinators, volunteers, masseurs all made this program a worthwhile experience. I learnt the basic yoga asanas. Introduced me to meditation which I think I badly need in my stress-filled life. The experience was wonderful. The serene surroundings, sessions, meditation centers, everything was wonderful.

Sunil Muralidharan, 27, Engineer, Bangalore, India

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