Ishanga 7% – Become a Limb of Isha

"When you open your Heart to give, it is also 'an opening' for the Grace of the Divine." - Sadhguru

Ishanga, which means “A Limb of Isha”, is a wonderful opportunity to connect directly with Grace, experiencing it as a living presence in all that you do. This offering by Sadhguru is a partnership – a profound possibility to allow yourself to become available to Grace and find overall fulfillment and ultimate wellbeing.

Ishanga 7%

Becoming an Ishanga

“This 7% partnership is a simple device to breach the boundaries of who you are, so that something far bigger than you becomes a part of you and your life. This is not about me taking your seven percent. It is just that if you reduce what is you and yours by seven percent, it will create the necessary space for you to receive Grace. Seven percent not just monetarily, but seven percent of your life. If you allow this to happen, I will ensure that your life will be as wonderful as can be.” - Sadhguru

Becoming an Ishanga 7% partner means that you are willing to regularly contribute 7% or more of your earnings towards Isha’s various projects. By making this offering, you will contribute towards Sadhguru’s vision of making the science of inner wellbeing available to every human being, while allowing Grace to function in your life, leading you towards ultimate wellbeing.

"If you look at yourself as a machine, you have brains, you have a body – but Grace is the lubrication. Without the necessary lubrication, even a great machine cannot function well." - Sadhguru

By offering yourself, you nourish the life within you, and as your contributions touch the lives of others, you can enjoy a profound experience of joy and fulfillment which is beyond measure. Once you are in this state of inclusion, life begins to happen in indescribable ways.

Nanmai Uruvam

Ishangas will be additionally initiated into a sacred process by Sadhguru through the Nanmai Uruvam Ceremony. Through this process, Ishangas can easily connect with Grace and experience it as a living presence in their daily life.

“One who has a longing to grow has to ensure to be receptive to Grace.”
- Sadhguru

Ishangas will receive the Nanmai Uruvam, a consecrated form made of copper that is prepared through various processes and placed in the sphere of the Dhyanalinga to imbibe its energies. Although “Nanmai” (meaning wellbeing) may be understood as financial or social benefit, the true essence of Nanmai is achieved when one lives a vibrant life.

The date of the next Nanmai Uruvam Ceremony will be announced shortly.

Those who have already taken the Ishanga partnership and have not received Nanmai Uruvam can make use of this opportunity to receive the energy form and be initiated into the process. For more details, please contact +91 844 844 7707 or


Nanmai Uruvam

  • Salaried individuals, independent consultants or business owners can register for the 7% partnership.
  • There is a registration fee of Rs. 1,008.
  • Indian Ishangas are recommended to make regular donations through the ACH mode of payment.

Become a 7% Partner

Contact Us:

Isha Biksha Team:

Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore – 641114, Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 844 844 7707

Ishanga 7%


The Nanmai Uruvam can be cleaned with a white cloth dipped in lemon juice. Later, a wet cloth can also be used. You should not touch the sutra.

Yes, the Nanmai Uruvam process can be done daily. It can be done at any time of the day.

If the sutra is becoming frayed or broken, Ishangas themselves can tie the new sutra. The sutra will be available at the Dhyanalinga on every Amavasya (3 to 5 pm).

The video explaining how to tie the sutra will be sent through WhatsApp or email. It is not needed to bring the Nanmai Uruvam to the Isha Yoga Center to tie it.

Once you are an Ishanga, you can attend the next Nanmai Uruvam ceremony. If you are unable to attend the same, you could attend one future ceremony.

No, an Ishanga can have only one Nanmai Uruvam.

An immediate family member – parent, sibling, adult offspring, or spouse – can attend the ceremony and get initiated into the process. They can then share the instructions of the process with the Ishanga, after which the Ishanga can start doing the process.

In a ceremony, one person can receive only one Nanmai Uruvam.

Yes, immediate family members – parents, siblings, adult offsprings, and spouse – can do the process if they want to.

If you wish, Nanmai Uruvam can be covered in neem leaves or a turmeric-dyed cloth or vilvam leaves, but it is not necessary.

In such a case, any family member can keep the Nanmai Uruvam. It would be good if they continue doing the process. The Ishanga Team can support in guiding through the instructions of doing the process.

The Ishanga can carry the Nanmai Uruvam while travelling and continue with the daily process.

In order to avoid any damage to the Nanmai Uruvam while in transit, caution should be maintained in covering and protecting the Nanmai Uruvam.

In case carrying the Nanmai Uruvam is not possible, an immediate family member can do the daily process. The Ishanga could also visualize and do the daily process.

In case of damage, the Nanmai Uruvam needs to be brought to the Isha Yoga Center for fixing and tying the sutra.

No. If you are an Ishanga, you can attend the ceremony and receive the Nanmai Uruvam.

If an Ishanga or his/her immediate family has participated and received a Nanmai Uruvam, they cannot participate again. However, the Ishangas have the opportunity to organise the whole event and volunteer for the ceremony. They will be allowed to be present during the whole ceremony including the initiation. It is a possibility for existing Ishangas to refresh their Ishanga sadhana. Ishangas can participate by volunteering in groups or alone to make the ceremony to happen in the best way possible.

Yes, you can receive the Nanmai Uruvam if you have the Devi Yantra and/or the Sadhguru Sannidhi.

The Nanmai Uruvam can be kept anywhere in the home or workplace. Please do maintain the sanctity of the space. It could also be kept on the bedside. The Nanmai Uruvam can be kept on the cloth that you have received at the ceremony – should the cloth get old or torn, it can be replaced with a white cloth.

No, the Nanmai Uruvam cannot be gifted to someone else. The Ishanga tool is not designed to work like that.

The Nanmai Uruvam can be cleaned as suggested with the use of lemon juice, but it should not be washed. No, the sutra should not be touched.

It is not mandatory for you to be a meditator to become an Ishanga or to receive the Nanmai Uruvam.

No, the Nanmai Uruvam can be brought back to the Isha Yoga Center for fixing and tying the sutra.

Doing the process with a lamp is necessary. It would be good if you could also offer a flower or a leaf.

Yes, the daily process can be performed if the social or religious norms allow.

It is a one-day ceremony conducted once in a year at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore.

Yes, they can do the daily process.

ACH is recommended in order to smoothen the process of regular donation for Ishanga. In case of change of bank account or change in the stipulated 7% donation amount, an intimation to us via email would allow the Ishanga team to get in touch with you and help you with the needful.

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