Isha Chants - Listen to Vairagya Chants on your Android

'Isha Chants' launches with the 5 chants that were released as part of 'Vairagya – Bonding with Beyond' from Sounds of Isha.

Vairagya consists of five chants, each with its own unique hue.
First, the Nirvana Shatakam is an outstanding composition by Adi Shankara, embodying the essence of vairagya. This chant is regarded as synonymous with the path of brahmacharya.
The Guru Paduka Stotram is a devotional tribute in gratitude and praise of the sandals of the Guru.
Brahmananda Swarupa (“the image of the Creator’s ecstasy”) is a consecrated mantra which one can chant throughout the day to connect to Sadhguru’s energy and Grace.
Aum Namah Shivaya, known as the “Maha Mantra” is a very powerful arrangement of sounds which forms an integral part of a Brahmachari’s sadhana. It is also the highlight of the Mahashivaratri meditations at Isha Yoga Center.
Shambho (“the auspicious one”) is a very gentle and beautiful manifestation of Shiva who readily responds to those who call upon Him. It is chanted daily by Brahmacharinis during pradakshina of Dhyanalinga.

A series of posts that explain the significance of these chants are available in the Isha Blog

"Mantra is not something that you utter; it is something that you strive to become because the whole existence is a complex amalgamation of sounds. In that we identified certain sounds, which are like keys that open up every realm in the universe. Unless you become the key it will not open up for you. You listen to these chants for some time and see which one you identify with best... and just be with that. Right now you just listen to these chants. Don’t try to like or dislike them in terms of their musical quality or whatever, just listen to them. These sounds should become like your breath. After some time, without even listening you will be reverberating with the chant. It’ll do wonderful things to you."
- Sadhguru

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