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Isha Vidhya transforms the lives of underprivileged rural children by making a holistic, high quality, English-medium education accessible and affordable to them. Your contribution helps these children lift themselves and their families out of their present hopeless situations. Isha Vidhya presently runs several rural schools in villages and plans to build many more to demonstrate that high quality education can be delivered to the poorest in rural areas in a sustainable manner on a large scale.

Of late interventions are also being carried out in Govt. schools to enhance the quality of education in these schools.

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The needs of the schools are summarized below:


Sponsor full educational support for a child for Rs. 20,000 / $480 / £300 per year:

Full support includes uniform, transport and a noon meal besides tuition, note-books, books and nutritional health supplement.

Sponsor a Child's Scholarship for only Rs. 12,000 / $240 / £150 per year:

Scholarship includes tuition, note-books, books and nutritional health supplement.

Sponsor transport or noon meal for a child:

You can help children reach school safely by sponsoring their transport @(Rs.5,250 / $126 / £79) per child per year or help them have a healthy, nutritious meal every day @(Rs.3,000 / $72 /£45 ) per child per year.

Sponsor Critical Needs of the Schools:

Sponsor a library book (Rs.100 / $2.5 / £1.5), a bench (Rs.2,500 / $60 / £40), a computer (Rs.35,000 / $840 / £525), sports equipment (Rs.33,000 / $800 / £500) , etc.

Isha Vidhya schools use several computer based methods to augment classroom teaching. This also augments teacher capabilities which tend to be somewhat limited in the rural environment.


Sponsor School Infrastructure:

Sponsor a classroom (Rs.5,70,000 / $13,700 / £8,550), noon-meal kitchen & equipment for a school (Rs. 300,000 / $7,200 / £4,500), school bus (Rs. 12,00,000 / $28,940 / £18090) or even a whole school (Rs. 4 cr. / $960,000 / £600,000 over 4 years) and have them named after yourself or your loved ones.You can even contribute part amounts towards these requirements.

Having a kitchen in the school instead of contracting it out would help cut the noon meal by 40% making it affordable. Many children are undernourished which affects growth of their body and brain.

School buses play a critical role in providing affordable and safe transport to the school for children from neighbouring and remote villages, who can't afford the costs of hired vehicles. It is also crucial for getting good teachers to come from nearby towns. This helps improve enrollment and reduce dropout rates among students and teachers too.
Sponsors of Scholarship, Full Educational Support, Transport & Noon Meal will receive details of the child sponsored, including photo and regular updates on his/her progress. A permanent plaque with the name of sponsor would be fixed on school bus, classroom, classroom block or wing sponsored by the person/organisation. Sponsors for a whole school can have the school named after themselves or their organisations.
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Govt. School Adoption Program
Infrastructure Requirements
Full Educational Support @ Rs.20,000
(Includes . tuition, books, notebooks, health supplement,uniform, transport & noon meal)
No of Children:
Full Support Amount:
Scholarship @ Rs.12,000
(Include tuition, books, notebooks, health supplement)
No of Children:
Scholarship Amount:
Transport Subsidy @ Rs.5250
No of Children:
Transport Subsidy Amount:
Noon-Meal Subsidy @ Rs.3000
No of Children:
Noon-Meal Subsidy Amount:
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