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The Pain Of Ignorance

Going through life in its various aspects and stages, you may reach a point where you realize that all that you are involved in, all that you used to hold as desirable and precious does not really lead you to fulfillment – and that is where the true journey begins… In this volume, The Pain of Ignorance, Sadhguru explores the spiritual process from its origin to the ultimate realization. “When your experience is beyond the limitations of the mind, that’s when you are really aware.” - Sadhguru

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Unleashing The Mind

In this volume, Sadhguru examines the one tool which distinguishes a human being from all other creatures – the mind. But like any other instrument, it is only as good as the one who wields it. Unaware of its mechanisms, the mind has become a source of pain and depression for many. In Unleashing the Mind, Sadhguru not only explores ways to transcend its limitations and identifications, but also to tap its full potential and even use the mind as a “ladder to the Divine”. “Your mind, which should have been a ladder to the Divine, unfortunately has become a stairway to hell simply because it is identified with so many things.” - Sadhguru

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A Taste Of Oneness

Question-answer session with Sadhguru

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Dissolving Your Personality

Excerpts from Sadhguru's discourse during a program

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From Creation To Creator

In this volume, From Creation to Creator, Sadhguru shares his deep wisdom and understanding about core questions of humanity. Effortlessly tackling challenging subjects like creation, creator, spirituality, life and death, he unravels the very mysteries of existence. “If you are rooted in that dimension which is the source of creation; if one part of you is creator, another part of you is creation, you can play with creation whichever way you want, but it will not leave a single scratch upon you.” - Sadhguru

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Leave Death Alone

Sadhguru answers various questions regarding Death

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