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Enlightenment - Life the Way it is

"Sadhguru gave a special Sathsang from the Isha Yoga Center, where he answered many questions pertaining to women and spirituality. A small glimpse of the topics are: Virtues required by a women. Is it needed for a woman to have a female guru? Rudraksha, for women? Adultery and spirituality. And of course, how its possible to take care of a family and still pursue a spiritual path.

Released in 2005 | 47 min.

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Mystical Journeys - Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Mount Kailash - even from its outer appearance, this magnificent peak in the Tibetan part of the Himalayas seems distinctly different. A geological phenomenon - maybe, breathtaking in its sublime beauty - without a doubt, but what makes it one of the most sacred places in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon religion alike? In 2006 and 2007, Sadhguru and along with him groups of meditators, set out to explore the truth behind the legends, and what they found was "too incredible for any sensible man to believe."

While Mount Kailash proved to be an unequalled spiritual treasure, the nearby Lake Manasarovar, the highest fresh-water lake in the world, equally shrouded in myth as Kailash, held a literally outlandish secret.

This extraordinary account takes us on a journey to a land of astonishing natural beauty, to sites of immense spiritual significance. Glimpses of seemingly boundless inner possibilities, unveiled by one of the most profound mystics of our times, make this documentation truly awe-inspiring.

"When I bow down to Kailash I bow down to him the same way I would bow down to my Guru. Never before have I done that in my whole life." - Sadhguru

Included in the download is a bonus 20 min. discourse by Sadhguru describing Shiva and his role in the Kailash phenomenon. In the 8 min. preview video called "Sadhguru in the Lost City," Sadhguru explores Lasa, the mystical capital city of Tibet.

Released in 2008 | 80 min.

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Mahashivarathri 2009

Mahashivarathri, which falls in February/March every year, is very significant among the sacred festivals of India. This night celebrates the Grace of Shiva, who is considered the Adi (first) Guru, from whom the yogic tradition originates. The planetary positions on this night are such that there is a powerful natural upsurge of energy in the human system. It is enormously beneficial for one's physical and spiritual wellbeing to stay awake and aware throughout the night.

In Isha, each year, Mahashivarathri is celebrated as a nightlong Sathsang with Sadhguru. Sadhguru's discourses and powerful meditations, interspersed with music performances by top artists, open up the possibility of a deep spiritual experience.

As it has become tradition in Isha, the all-night event is accompanied by lively cultural programs and concerts featuring prominent artists. In 2009, India's foremost classical Dhrupad vocalists Gundecha Brothers, Indo-Rock Fusion band Indian Ocean as well as the soul-stirring high-energy World Music group Naadbrahma set the right conditions for the audience to stay awake on this auspicious night.

This 4 part compilation includes: • Mahashivarathri 2009 highlights with discourse by Sadhguru (57m) • Gundecha Brothers concert (1h 7m) • Naadhbrahma concert (1h 10m) • Sounds of Isha and guests (58m)

Released in 2009 | 4 hrs.

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Mystic Wisdom

Have you ever felt this burning curiosity to know what this life is all about, who we really are, where we are coming from, why we are here and where we are going when we die? And you are not ready to settle for anything less than knowing, exploring the core of existence yourself?

If you are longing to find someone who know, someone who guide you, Mystic Wisdom can be the answer. This video captures the rare opportunity of a modern-day encounter between a seeker and a living enlightened Master. Cheryl Simone, an Atlanta real estate developer and a spiritual seeker, meets Sadhguru, India's most sough-after mystic. Share in the life-transforming experience of Sadhguru's profound insights and presence as their conversation unfolds. Let his free-spirited humor charm you; let his authentic, accessible wisdom engulf you as he unveils the mysteries of life.

Mystic Wisdom is the counterpart to the book Midnights with the Mystic. Likewise presented in the form of conversation with the Master, this captivating book offers more of Sadhguru's fascinating insights that challenge us to embrace the possibility of a higher reality, a peak of consciousness.

Discover the possibility that is within you to access the source of creation. Journey from being a piece of creation to being the Creator. Above all, to know Bliss.

Released in 2009 | 119 min.

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Leela - The Path of the Playful

Leela - The Path of the Playful is an exquisitely delightful exploration into the mystical realm of Krishna. Sadhguru's astute, loving guidance allows you to perceive and experience Krishna beyond the legend in a depth and dimension otherwise inaccessible to mere mortals. If asceticism is not your way, discover a path where joyful abundance and zest for life lead to ultimate transcendence.

Released in 2006 | 52 min.

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Vaibhav Shiva

Shiva, in the yogic tradition, is not known as a God, but the Adi Yogi, the first yogi. Vaibhav Shiva was an eight day spiritual cultural event, where Sadhguru took 200 participants by the hand to explore and celebrate the grandeur of Shiva.

Released in 2006 | 100 min.

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Dimension Beyond The Physical

In this volume, A Dimension Beyond the Physical, Sadhguru sheds light on the conflict within a human being between the compulsions and limitations of body, mind and emotions, and the longing to go beyond. Deeply rooted in the spiritual dimension, but equally versed in worldly matters, Sadhguru aptly enters into seekers’ questions of any kind – from the essentials of the spiritual quest, to past life memories, homosexuality, and energy healing systems. “A dimension beyond the physical somehow was infused into this physical, without which there is no life.” - Sadhguru

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Is Spirituality A Science

In this volume, Sadhguru illuminates the question ‘Is Spirituality a Science?’ In a most sharp-witted and candid way, he discloses amazing parallels between two fields which at first glance seem to be diametrically opposed - the latest findings of the physical sciences and the millennia-old spiritual knowledge. Shattering common misconceptions, Sadhguru redefines spirituality as a scientific method to make a dimension beyond the physical become a living reality for you. “As there is a science for external well-being, there is a science and technology for inner well-being.” - Sadhguru

Available at Isha Shoppe - India, USA

LEELA-Special Collector’s DVD Edition

Leela The Path of the Playful A unique exploration with Sadhguru into the mystical realm of Krishna. In a legendary, one-of-a-kind program that took place at Isha Yoga Center in September 2005, Sadhguru led a group of Isha meditators on an enthralling journey to explore the multifarious dimensions of Krishna through Leela – The Path of the Playful.

From the very first scenes, this Collector’s DVD Edition of Leela will draw you into the exuberant world of Krishna and create the feeling of actually being there with Sadhguru.

Leela – The Path of the Playful goes beyond undeniably sophisticated entertainment to entice you to go through life with a joyful mind and a loving heart – playfully, whatever situation you may face. “Leela means it is the path of the playful. When I say playfulness we are not here just to play; we are here to explore the most profound and the most serious aspects of life, but playfully.” – Sadhguru

Content: La Leela, Leela Is The Way, An Incarnation, Blue Magic, Krishna – A Miracle, The Path of Devotion, Leela Begins Now… , Leela – The Path of the Playful: Glimpses of an unforgettable program with Sadhguru.

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