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Ordinary to Extraordinary

No matter how successful in terms of career, wealth, family and friends one is, there comes a time in most people's life to realize deep down inside something remains unfulfilled. This can be the start of an inner journey, a journey that can take you to the core of existence. In Ordinary to Extraordinary, Sadhguru explores turning points and transitions on the way - from presumed knowledge to utter clarity, from supposed reality to ultimate realization.

Released in 2008 | 66 min.

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Guru - The Inner Awakening

"Truth cannot be taught. Teaching is just to remind you; you must take the call." - Sadhguru

Guru - The Inner Awakening points out the wisdom of moving away from a life of stagnation by allowing oneself to becoming vulnerable and receptive to the Guru.

Sadhguru speaks on the significance of Guru Poornima followed by a question and answer session with the meditators where he answers the following questions:

Question 1: Sadhguru you have talked of how a seed has to go through the pain of losing its safety, it's shield, how it has to become vulnerable in order to sprout. Until the sprouting happens do seekers have to live their lives in increased states of fragility and vulnerability? Isn't that particularly hard on them?

Question 2: Sadhguru you have said, transmission is more important than teaching. Teaching is only a way of knocking on the door. Could you say more about this?

Released in 2009 | 55 min.

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Hell or Heaven - It's Your Choice

Escaping our personal hell can appear daunting and impossible. In Hell or Heaven, Sadhguru 'blows the hell out of you,' through the direct and powerful life choices that offer a way out of our self-created prisons.

"If you want to blow the hell out, you don't have to struggle with hell or with past karma; you just have to bring that necessary consciousness and awareness into everything that you do."
- Sadhguru

Released in 2009 | 54 min.

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The Drunken Act

"Life is a dream but the dream is true." - Sadhguru

In 'The Drunken Act', Sadhguru is as eloquent as ever about overcoming any form of make-believe, be it drunkenness or pandering to one's psychological processes. Bold, witty and incisisve, Sadhguru offers us a way out of the traps of the psyche.

Question 1: Sadhguru, you mentioned before that you are simply an act and that there is no actor left. Then who is it that's drunk or feeling the bliss of Samadhi?

Question 2: Sadhguru, when you say everything in existence is just energy, from the gross to the subtle, it suggests a completely impersonal reality. Does the realm of the personal, all it's love, poetry, it's lunacy, it's rage, it mean nothing at all ultimately? Does it mean there is no connection at all between the psychological and the existential?

Question 3: Sadhguru, I have tasted many times something of the beyond. But still I get stuck in many small petty issues. How do I overcome this and maintain equilibrium?

Released in 2009 | 66 min.

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Sacred Seed

"All of us are given a seed that has the possibility of boundlessness. You are very careful and good, so you preserve the seed. I destroy the seed and make it into a tree." - Sadhguru

In Sacred Seed, Sadhguru deals with moving on from mere survival that all life forms are capable of, to spiritual flowering - the highest possibility offered only to a human being, achieved through the journey inward.

Question: Sadhguru a pupil asked, "Is it best for me master, to walk the straight path or would it be better for me to choose the crooked path, on which my spirit leads me?" The master replied, "He who takes the straight path North sees the North; he who takes the straight path South sees the South; he who takes the straight path East sees the East; he who takes the straight path West sees the West; and he who walks the crooked path, sees all the directions." Please comment.

Released in 2009 | 67 min.

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Saying Yes to Life

"If you used your discriminatory mind properly to its fullest extent you would become 'yes and yes'." - Sadhguru

In 'Saying Yes to Life', Sadhguru lays bare our obsessions with the body and mind, and our limited refrain of 'what's in it for me.' He provides an exit option from our miserly bondage by offering a path to embracing life in its totality.

Question: Sadhguru when you begin to say yes, and when you experience what that yes does to you, and there is this exuberance, like you are melting then around you there is no, what about, then how to go on with that?

Released in 2009 | 66 min.

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A Guru Always Takes You for A Ride

A veritable Guru takes the seeker on a mystical journey towards the ultimate liberation. But why not bypass the sometimes long and arduous path and immediately attain? In this volume, A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride, Sadhguru elucidates what it takes to receive the Guru's Grace and evolve into a higher possibility. "The guru is constantly taking his disciples or devotees for a ride, because if you really tell them what they are supposed to swallow, they will just say this is impossible and run away." - Sadhguru

Released in 2004 | 49 min.

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Women in Spirituality

"Sadhguru gave a special Sathsang from the Isha Yoga Center, where he answered many questions pertaining to women and spirituality. A small glimpse of the topics are: Virtues required by a women. Is it needed for a woman to have a female guru? Rudraksha, for women? Adultery and spirituality. And of course, how its possible to take care of a family and still pursue a spiritual path.

Released in 2004 | 45 min.

Available at Isha Shoppe India and Isha Download Store

Inspire Your Child, Inspire the World

With Inspire Your Child, Inspire the World, Sadhguru invites us to reexamine the conventional system of education and come to a more holistic approach. The primary function of education should be to kindle the child's intelligence and enhance its natural talents. Sadhguru pleads for stimulating the child's innate urge to learn rather than imposing knowledge.

Released in 2005 | 45 min.

Available at Isha Shoppe India (DVD, VCD), USA and Isha Download Store

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