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Ancient Technology for the Modern Mind

In an animated encounter with Sadhguru, a group of seekers posed searching and deeply-felt questions about the contradictions and compulsions of our inner lives. What do we do about that vexed question of pain, of human misery? How do we distinguish between a Guru and a conman? Is there such a thing as fate?

In this video, Sadhguru addresses the predicament of the modern mind with unsparing precision and lucidity.

Released in 2006 | 55 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

Living Life to the Fullest

In Living Life to the Fullest, Sadhguru shares his extraordinary perceptions on a variety of life aspects, such as the power of nothingness, the implications of logic, the impact of karma, the art of maintaining relationships, the meaning of being a Hindu, inner transformation and yoga. "Most of the time you are only thinking about life, not living life." - Sadhguru

Released in 2007 | 60 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

Why Relationships

In this volume, Sadhguru provides comprehensive insights into an extremely defining factor in every one's life - relationships. Contemplating this subject in all its complexity and nuances, 'Why Relationships?' draws the bow from the longing to relate with others, to the motives and fundamentals of relationships on various levels, to the key to making relationships truly enjoyable. "The quality of the relationships that you hold in your life largely decides the very quality of life that you live." - Sadhguru

Released in 2007 | 50 min.

Available at Isha Life India, USA and Isha Download Store

Good and Bad Divide the World

In this volume, Good and Bad Divide the World, Sadhguru makes a phenomenon that is well beyond the current level of perception for most people logically accessible for the modern mind. A realized Master himself, he throws light on what it takes to experience, know and enjoy life in its totality, make life and death a conscious process and become truly free. "The moment you identify something as good and bad, you're just dividing the world." - Sadhguru

Released in 2005 | 47 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

Inner Management

Delivering a convocation address at a premier management institute, Sadhguru talks about the need of another kind of management an "Inner Management" through which one can become the master of his own destiny.

Released in 2004 | 44 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

Why Suffering

If all world is Gods creation, and if God loves us then why is there so much suffering around? Is it karma? is it fate? Is it a mandatory purification? Sadhguru answers these age-old questions to a brand new audience.

Released in 2004 | 46 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

The Trap of a Dream

Is reality really real or are our views of ourselves our life and the world around us just something we make up for ourselves? In The Trap of a Dream, Sadhguru delves into matters of perception and ways of growing beyond our illusionary realities. "Every being is equally capable of containing the very existence within himself." - Sadhguru

Released in 2008 | 73 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

Circus of the Intellect

In this volume, Circus of the Intellect, Sadhguru sheds new light on the mechanisms of the mind, its strengths and weaknesses and on how the intellect can be utilized as a vehicle to reach higher dimensions in life and ultimately, self-realization. "If you want to know life in its immensity, you need something more than your thoughts, something more than your logic, something more than your intellect. Only if you open up that dimension you will taste life in its larger proportion." - Sadhguru

Released in 2006 | 49 min.

Available at Isha Life India and Isha Download Store

Tantra - Being an Instrument of Life

Tantra - what used to be a whole spiritual path, has been abused and misunderstood to be mere unbridled promiscuity, especially in the West. In Tantra - Being an Instrument of Life, Sadhguru redefines tantra, restoring it to its original scope and dimension as an ancient technology for ultimate transformation.

Released in 2009 | 57 min.

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