UN Millenium Peace Summit

The new millennium ushered in not just new hope and celebration but also new thinking and action, with the Millennium World Peace Summit. More than 1,000 religious and spiritual leaders from diverse faiths and traditions from all regions of the world met at the United Nations in New York between 28-31st of August in 2000, to pledge to work for peace.

Sadhguru, who is a member of the World Council of Religious Leaders was an invited delegate to the Summit. In many ways this was a historic and unprecedented gathering. Never before had leaders from all the faiths and traditions met under one roof to engage in frank and meaningful discussions on how they could work together to reduce tensions in their regions.

Being ever fascinated by the rich diversity of life, and being ever passionate about making use of every opportunity to reach out to people, Sadhguru addressed many of the sessions at the Summit and participated in discussions on a variety of issues concerning religion, spirituality and the need for mutual respect and understanding between religions. Many of Sadhguru's suggestions were deeply appreciated and opened new dimensions to the discussions.

Among the major outcomes of the Summit was widespread recognition among the religious leaders that while religions have contributed to peace in the world, they have also been used to create division and fuel hostilities. The fact remains that some of the most horrific deeds of violence, war and destruction, are sometimes perpetrated in the name of religion. Religious leaders also universally agreed that there can be no acceptable alternative to the peaceful resolution of differences.

Making a joint declaration for dialogue and co-operation among spiritual and religious leaders across boundaries and nationalities, they signed a "Commitment to Global Peace", and resolved to join hands to address the pressing problems of conflict, poverty and the environment.

Passion for Peace: My experience at the Millennium World Peace Summit with Sadhguru - Experience of a Volunteer
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