"Every human
being aspires for health
and well-being. True health
fundamentally means to be in tune with nature;
both the inner and the outer"

- Sadhguru


Isha Rejuvenation
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Sharings & Experiences

About the Center

Isha Rejuvenation is an initiative designed by Sadhguru to allow an individual to experience inner peace and the joy of a healthy body.

Isha Rejuvenation offers a unique and powerful combination of programs, carefully tailored and sequenced to bring vibrancy and proper balance to one's life energies. This balance is crucial for healthy living as well as for preventing and uprooting chronic ailments.

Apart from infectious diseases or genetic abnormalities, the most common reason for ill health today is stress. The fast pace of modern living keeps us in fight or flight mode all the time. Constant exposure to the hazards of modern life - food and environmental toxins, loud noise, electromagnetic radiation, etc. - can predispose us towards chronic, degenerative, and non-specific diseases. If left unattended, these can evolve into serious ailments that could permanently damage health and well being.

Isha Rejuvenation programs involve powerful processes aimed at bringing vibrancy and proper balance to the life energies that are crucial for uprooting or preventing chronic ailments. Scientifically structured, the programs uniquely combine allopathic, alternative & complementary therapies with the sublime wisdom of various ancient Indian medicinal practices.

Programs such as Ayur Rasayana Intensive, Ayur Sampoorna and Yoga Marga contain a synthesis of yogic methods and practices, diet, massage, therapeutic baths and wraps, rejuvenation tonics and Siddha medicines (a form of traditional medicines older than Ayurveda), as well as specialized alternative medicines (if prescribed by a doctor) and other program-specific methods.

The love and care with which the Isha Rejuvenation volunteers see to all the needs of the participants greatly enhances the rejuvenation process.

From the moment you arrive in the beautiful surroundings of the sacred Velliangiri Hills your rejuvenation begins. The serene atmosphere of the Isha yoga center and Dhyanalinga meditation shrine has profound healing affects. Come - relax, renew, revive and rejuvenate.

Sharings and Experiences

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