Isha Celebrations

Celebrations have always been intricately inter-woven into human life in all cultures. At a very basic level, they give us relief from the monotony of our daily routines and chores. At another level, celebrations bring to fore the higher aspects of human consciousness in a being. These occasions inspire people with a sense of gratitude and openness, making them receptive to deeper possibilities in life. The happiness and joy roused by celebrations has time and again been an impetus for acts of generosity, benevolence and compassion. Celebrations also inspire a sense of oneness in us, often giving rise to forgiveness and reconciliation.

At Isha, celebrations are about providing a conducive atmosphere for self-discovery, rather than commemorating the rituals associated with them.

Some of the occasions celebrated at Isha are chosen for the potential for inner growth that they offer, some others for the oneness they inspire. A few occasions celebrate the birth of blessed beings, who not only lived a life at the peak of human consciousness, but also created a path for others to follow.

We invite you to join us in these celebrations - a social and cultural kaleidoscope, and bask in the sublimity that is life.

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