"Satsang is just to bask in the light of the enlightened." -Sadhguru
Ananda Alai – A Wave of Bliss

Ananda Alai – “A Wave of Bliss” – is a series of mahasathsangs conducted by Sadhguru, which drew between 30,000-100,000 people each, in various towns and cities in India. In 2011, Sadhguru began to conduct large-scale 2-day Inner Engineering (Isha Yoga in Tamil) programs in Tamil Nadu, each of which drew between 10,000-15,000 people, who experienced a profound state of peace and stillness during the programs.The mahasathsangs conducted in 17 cities have touched the lives of over 400,000 participants in total, while the Isha Yoga mega-programs in 11 Cities in India have reached over 77,000 participants.

A Gift of Grace: Mahasathsang in Chennai

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