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Our bodies are an important factor in how we experience our lives. If kept healthy and well, it can be a stepping stone to a complete and fulfilling life. As Sadhguru says, “What kind of food you eat not only decides the physical aspect of your body, it also decides the very way you think and feel.”

India’s ancient culture included a comprehensive system of diet, and food preparation, which ensured that food was a means to physical and spiritual wellbeing. This science (or perhaps “art” would be a more suitable word, since as any traditional Indian housewife would tell you, cooking is actually an intricate art-form) was drawn from the wisdom and insight of yogis and sages, and their complete understanding of the human system. Translating this science into a way of living, these masters infused this knowledge into the fabric of our culture.

But today, the modern preference for readymade foods has compromised this wisdom. Diverse, traditional grains, spices and condiments, once an integral part of the Indian cuisine, have been replaced with super-refined foods, stripped of their natural goodness and nutrition.

Isha Foods & Spices is reviving this ancient knowing, by making healthy foods easily accessible for the twenty-first century city-dweller. Isha Foods & Spices products are a wholesome collection of snacks, drinks, tiffin mixes and pickles that provide an enticing blend of taste, nutrition and convenience. Made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, Isha Foods & Spices products are nourishing as well as tasty.

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Some of the Isha Foods & Spices products are:

  • Kanjis, or porridges, including Sanjeevani, the “life-nourisher,” rich with thirteen different cereals – easy to digest and ideal for the whole family
  • Energy Packs: An assortment of energy-giving laddus, or ball-shaped sweets, made of gram flour, groundnuts, sesame, dates, raisins and nuts
  • A variety of Dosa mixes, including adai, cholam or jowar, ragi, and kambu or bajra
  • Kuzhambu mixes, including Tamil Nadu specialties vathal kuzhambu and vendhaya kuzhambu
  • Rice-podi (powder) mixes, including puliyodharai (tamarind), coriander, mint leaves and curry leaves
  • Pickles, including citron, lemon, green pepper and mango, carrying exotic and savory flavors to brighten any meal

Isha Design

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