Annadanam - The sacred tradition of offering food


“€œWe owe our spiritual wealth not just to the sages, seers, masters and enlightened beings who walked the path, but also to the community that nurtured them. In our tradition, serving spiritual seekers and monks was of utmost importance. In fact for many, this was a path in itself. The most beautiful expression of this was the Annadanam, the offering of food.”

- Sadhguru

Daily Annadanam

Traditionally meaning “an offering of food”, Annadanam is served every day, twice a day at the Biksha Hall of the Isha Yoga Center, to over a thousand people including Brahmacharis, Sanyasis, residents and full-time volunteers.

Taken in complete silence, the meal is preceded by an invocation, a powerful arrangement of sounds, which is designed to make a person more receptive to the food that one consumes.

Annadhanam Options:

• Two meals for the whole Ashram - Rs.96,000.
• One meal for the whole Ashram - Rs.48,000.
• Two meal for 200 people - Rs.19,200.
• Two meal for 100 people - Rs.9,600.
• Two meal for 50 people - Rs.4,800.
• One sweet for the whole ashram - Rs.12,000.
• Marriage Food - Rs.108000 (Special Food).
• Marriage Food - Rs.63000 (Ashram Menu).


• Marriage food will not be provided on Ekadashi days.
• Only Ekadashi food (simple food as per the guidelines from Sadhguru) will be provided on these days.

You can also contribute any amount you wish. For all the Daily Annadanam options, you will receive blessings and prasadam from the ashram. The donor’s name will also be displayed at the Biksha Hall notice board. For donors who contribute an entire meal, their names will be announced at the Biksha Hall.


To contribute

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Isha Biksha

Isha Biksha is a sacred offering that you can make to the Isha Yoga Center, on your birthday, anniversary or any special day. Your one-time contribution will provide food for those in the Ashram on your chosen date, for the next 21 years.

No of People You Feed Every Year


One-time Donation

Rs. 501,000
Rs. 101,000
Rs. 51,000
Rs. 21,000

You will also receive prasadham on your special day for the next 21 years

To contribute

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In-kind donations

Another way you can contribute to Isha’s Annadanam, is through in-kind, non-cash donations. Some examples of in-kind donations are: Cereals, spices, fresh vegetables and preserved food items. Please note that the ashram will require advance notice for receiving perishable items such as fresh vegetables.

To contribute

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We bow down...

We bow down to the hands of the farmers who tended the soil that grew the fruits and vegetables, the grains and spices…may they know how many grateful beings they nourish with their effort…. Blessed are the hands that brought it here, and also blessed are those who donated it out of their love to nourish us… We bow down to the hands that carefully cut it, chopped, pealed and grated it into the softest contours, and the hands that prepared it, day and night, every day, without ever missing a meal, no matter how tired they were or how many people came… And last but not least, bless the hands that served this food, with grace, with love, with the tenderness of mothers and the humility of devotees… We cannot sit in this Biksha Hall even once without shedding tears of gratitude…not having to think, worry, trusting that every day everyone here is offered nourishment of best quality. - Isha Residents

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