DL Compeletion Project

Dhyanalinga Completion

Reviving our Glorious Tradition

The Dhyanalinga is a powerful meditation space, open to all, irrespective of their faith or religious background.

The power of the Dhyanalinga is enough to make even those unaware of meditation experience deep states of meditativeness. However, the Dhyanalinga Complex is far from complete.We urgently seek funds to complete the complex, to include:

  • The Cultural Mandapam (performance space) showcasing the finest of India’s performing arts talent
  • An Arts & Crafts Center displaying rare and exquisite artwork from across the country
  • An Auditorium screening documentaries of spiritual and scientific significance
  • The Annadanam Mandapam, where annadanam, a sacred offering of food, will be provided free to visitors.

Please join us in making this happen!

Donation Options:

We are offering supporters the opportunity to donate a desired number of square feet towards Dhyanalinga completion.* Your gift will ensure that generations to come experience this ancient spiritual and cultural heritage.
1 Square Foot = Rs. 2100 (appx. $40)
2 Square Feet = Rs. 4200 (appx. $80)
5 Square Feet = Rs. 10500 (appx. $195)
10 Square Feet = Rs. 21000 (appx. $385)
Donate Now

The Dhyanalinga Complex,

A Closer Look:

Once completed, Isha Yoga Center will serve as location of profound spiritual and cultural significance, reviving India’s glorious heritage for generations to come. Alongside the features outlined above, additional elements are planned including - choultries providing free accommodation for sadhus and other spiritual sadhakas, a library, landscaped gardens and flowers gardens featuring sculptural showpieces, accommodation, restaurant, reception and information centers, tourism office, shopping center, a cultural complex with event facility and school, community facilities such as the Dhyanalinga Academy for Spiritual Sciences, wedding hall, goshala, crematorium, and Project GreenHands Center.

Contact information

For further information, please contact: +91-94890-45131 or +91-9443251234

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.giveisha.org/temple

“The greatest gift you can give is the spiritual process” - Sadhguru

Dhyanalinga Completion Project
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