Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

One of the fundamental tenets of Isha Foundation’s social outreach programs is to create more balanced gender and social equity for rural women. To this end, structured measures to enable socio-economic empowerment, build awareness and enhance self-esteem are systematically implemented at all levels of the programs.

Women's EmpowermentEducation and Training: The Foundation specifically offers the rural girl-child as well as young and adult women, a world-class education (Isha Vidhya), vocational training (Isha Crafts), computer literacy (Rural Computer Centers), sensitization & training (Awareness Programs, Herbal Gardens), the oppurtunity for knowledge sharing and networking, plus free educational camps for personality development and personal empowerment.

Healthcare: The Foundation’s mobile health clinics equipped with all the components of a contemporary primary care clinic greatly enhance the overall health and well-being of the rural communities with a particular impact on women and children. Furthermore, Isha Foundation’s recent AIDS Awareness Program and associated HIV/AIDS interventions have significantly benefited vulnerable women and teen girls.

Economic Empowerment: Isha Craft, Isha Business Ltd, and other interventions offer vocational training to rural women predominantly from economically disadvantaged families, to nurture their natural creative instincts and enable them to move towards economic independence, whilst preserving the rich traditions of rural India.

Environment: Placing young girls and women in key roles in the Foundation’s environmental programs, and thereby actively involving them in the response to environmental degradation, has played a highly successful role in creating awareness about the important role they have in safeguarding the riches of our planet.

Social Welfare: Specially designed Isha Yoga programs, community games, coaching, and inter-village tournaments have revived broken spirits, profoundly reducing the social stigma and marginalization of women in rural areas. These simple but powerfully uplifting interventions have instilled self-confidence in the women, renewing their sense of joy, spirit of integration and communal kinship.

Women's Empowerment Outreach Programs Social Service Programs Women's Empowerment Outreach Programs
Women's Empowerment
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