Prisoners Share


"Thank you for offering the Yoga Program. I'm a long time practitioner of Yoga and was pleased by the opportunity to take part in such a positive, well-organized program. The program was beneficial to myself due to the simple and concise way the information was presented." - Scott Reinert
"Unfruitful is a life with the self-important ego within. Worse that lust and anger is the ego of the mind. The practices taught by Isha Yoga Center have destroyed my illusions and transformed me into a human being." - K. Mohan Raj
"I feel calmer and more relaxed. The yoga meditations and Sadhguru's teachings are all vital. I am more relaxed and have a somewhat more positive and accepting outlook or mental state." - David Beer
"The yoga program has helped me understand what love is. From now onwards my answer to everything is a smile." - Coimbatore Central Inmate
"I feel a little lighter and little more loving and compassionate. Unlike a belief system and/or religion, it teaches one to look within and be in harmony with life." - Zachary Crawford
"I would not have come here if I had known this truth, but if I had not come here - I would not have known this truth." - Coimbatore Central Inmate
"All of my life I have been considered one who is rebellious, angry and non-conforming. This program has helped me better process my many different feelings and emotions. If this program can help me I am sure that it can help others who are similarly situated. Keep this program available." - Darryl Lyons
"I no longer let outside forces control my emotions or my decision making. I realize that I am in full control of what state of mind I want to be in. The things that are out of my control are much easier to accept now. I feel I've improved as a person.
"I am more caring to myself and the world. I feel alive. This course is my path to freedom no matter where I am. You all have in a very short time gave me so much. The exercises you taught me are already making a very positive difference in my life. So please know I will do my best to perfect the yoga you have shared with me. What you are doing is truly making this world a better place. I wish you all success and happiness. Thank you." - Mark Maum

"Thank you for giving me a new life." - Wilford Cates

"Now I don't experience this place as a prison, but as a place for reflecting on my life. This prison is not a mirage, it is a thirst quenching pond."- Coimbatore Central Inmate

"I came because I wanted a six-day escape from prison, but it's changed a part of my life. I feel less anger." - Adam Duran

"There are people who realize there is a certain way to live. And there are some who think they can live whichever way they want to. I choose the latter and ended up in a prison. This spiritual science has now shown me the way to live responsibly, to live totally." - R. Kumar

"After experiencing this yoga, I realize that love and humanism can bring about wonderful changes in life." - Coimbatore Central Inmate

"Thank you for helping me get in touch with my inner self and finding a different way of thinking and looking at life." - Ryan Graham

"The unquenchable fire of regret and anger in my mind has died down. The practice of yoga has helped me to calm this mind and prevent me from getting perverted." - Coimbatore Central Inmate

"I am eternally grateful for you helping me get in touch with my inner self and enabling me to get closer to the Creator." - Francis Houghton

"Yoga has transformed my attitude of vendetta and revenge." - Coimbatore Central Inmate

"I came wanting to cope with stress and anger, and my stress level has gone way down. I live life each moment. A new life has begun. I recommend this course to anyone. It works." - Scott Sallee

"Due to this milk of human kindness, my once diseased mind now thinks non-malignantly." - Coimbatore Central Inmate

"You helped me to continue to believe in my worth, and be more responsible for my past actions. I am smiling more and a lot more relaxed inside and out. This is a wondrous experience and a great program for anyone who wants true inner peace." - Glen L. Beard

"I never knew what 'feeling' meant. This Yoga Program showed me how to feel and speak with true love." - Coimbatore Central Inmate

"I'm more calm now than before and have learned how to have complete control over myself. What I've learned will last a lifetime!" - James Mallory

"I am more reflective, more aware, able to interact more calmly and view things with clarity. My mind thinks differently, I respond and look at EVERYTHING with a new mentality." - Jimmy Thompson

"I cook food for the wardens. Many times I have felt like throwing hot food on their faces. But now I only feel love for them." - Coimbatore Central Inmate

"The concepts taught in ISHA Yoga are simple and common sense. Although Sadhguru Jaggi speaks of divine nature and spiritual enlightenment, he states firmly it is a natural science. The program is non-secular and not based on any religious principles; that was clear. It is a new way to approach life in a positive manner through self awareness." - Steve Impellizzeri

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