Prison Programs

Prison Programs

Until one realizes their unbounded connection with creation, every person is in a prison of their own making. Waiting to break out. Wanting to be free.

Prison ProgramsAfter a pioneering program for life-termers in the Coimbatore Central Prison, Isha Foundation started conducting programs in several central prisons of South India at the request of the Inspector General of Prisons.

Following the success of the programs in India, Sadhguru introduced 'Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned' programs in some of the prisons of Pennsylvania and Kentucky, in the United States.

As a result, significant changes in the prisoners' behavioral pattern have been observed by prison authorities and visiting families, and disciplinary levels have improved substantially.

These life-transforming programs have touched the very core of the prisoners and have helped them bloom into their natural state of love, freedom, and joy - free from anger and hatred.

Isha Foundation seeks opportunities and funding to expand this possibility to additional prison systems. Sadhguru says, "The practice of yoga plays a crucial role in cleansing restless minds and bringing peace to the heart."

Over the years, these programs have transformed many hardened criminals into sage-like beings.

Prison Programs Life Transforming Programs Prison Programs

Life Transforming Prison Programs
"Unfruitful is a life with the self-important ego within. Worse than lust and anger is the ego of the mind. The practices taught by Isha Yoga Center have destroyed my illusions and transformed me into a human being."
- K. Mohan Raj - inmate

Prison Programs

“The greatest crime a person can commit is to be a joyless person. No one or no external environment can control our inner experience.” - Sadhguru

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