Child Rights Advocacy

Child Rights Advocacy
Isha Foundation is strongly committed to child rights advocacy and rural youth development, and directly translates its mandate into concrete actions that improve the well-being of disadvantaged children and youth in rural areas.

Education: The Isha Vidhya rural education outreach programme was launched in June 2006 with the aim of establishing over 200 Isha Vidhya English Matriculation Schools, one in each Taluk of Tamil Nadu. These schools provide world-class English-medium-based and computer-facilitated education to rural children while Child Rights Advocacy addressing their overall personality through sports, arts and music. Educational scholarships, free provision of books, educational aids, clothes and dietary supplements and computer literacy classes brought to village children not attending Isha Vidhya schools are various initiatives through which the foundation reaches out to a larger population.

The Isha Home School, which aims at providing quality education in a homelike environment, is another successful project that kindles the innate urge within a child to seek knowledge.

Healthcare: The Action for Rural Rejuvenation’s healthcare professionals pay unique attention to alleviating the suffering of rural infants and children by providing quality healthcare, and educating parents about vital hygiene and sanitation measures. The regular visits of Isha Foundation’s mobile health clinics to villages allow timely intervention and prevention of debilitating complications of often easily treatable childhood illnesses.

Youth Development: Presentations, workshops, awareness campaigns and retreats, are regularly held in educational institutions to introduce early character and social skills development. Special, fun-filled Isha Yoga programs for children, including students from Grades 10 to 12, also play a substantial role in improving skills, concentration and overall growth.

Environment: Through Vanashree Eco Center, special awareness campaigns and training sessions that cover aspects of nature education and conservation of the country’s rich heritage, generally not covered in the normal school curricula, actively involve the youth as a medium to help promote a green environment. Students have gone on to form independent eco-clubs and taken responsiblity for seed collection, nursery development, sapling distribution, and tree planting.

Rural Youth Development Rural Youth Development Rural Youth Development Vanashree Eco Center

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