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All the many volunteers of Isha Foundation would like to extend a deep thanks to Chase Community Giving and Chase Trust for the tremendous support its charitable program is extending to our work, as well as the work of the more than 500,000 other worthy organizations around the world that are part of its program. Thank you as well to Facebook for being the vehicle for such amazing charity outreach. It has been an honor participating.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Invisible Children Inc. It is gratifying to know the important humanitarian work in Uganda will receive such great financial support. Congratulations as well to fellow runners-up, Twloha Inc, Friendship Circle, Bridge to Turkiye, and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. We would also like to recognize the worthy causes taken up by all the other organizations in this contest; it has been heartening for us to see the wonderful work being done.

Last, but surely not least, our gratitude to the many, many individuals around the world who voted for Isha Foundation and gave us their support. With so many people in need, in so many different arenas around the world, it is difficult to choose how and where to give your precious time and attention. Thank you for choosing to support Isha Vidhya’s educational work in southern India and Isha Care’s health-care outreach work in rural Tennessee.

The world is a better place because programs like Chase Community Giving allows everyone the opportunity to share in the giving.


Isha Volunteers

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