A Destination for Spiritual Growth
in the West

Mahima(meaning Grace) is a 39,000 square-foot free-spanning meditation hall—the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere. More than an impressive structure, Mahima is a potent sphere for self-transformation, the core of which is a powerful energy source that will be vibrant for nearly a thousand years.

Reverberating with fluid, feminine energies, Mahima facilitates the gradual movement of energy up the spine allowing those who sit inside to become meditative, effortlessly. Mahima’s energies also complement and enhance the energy imparted through the ancient Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya, a simple daily practice offered alongside Isha Foundation’s introductory program, Inner Engineering.

The founder of Isha Foundation, yogic adept Sadhguru Vasudev, consecrated Mahima on November 7, 2008. A mystic and yogi of profound capability, Sadhguru employed an elaborate series of advanced alchemical processes using a variety of natural ingredients, certain subtle mantras (sounds) and a specially-designed copper yantra (form).

For the first time in the West, spiritual seekers can experience the most exalted states of boundlessness and bliss that yogic science has to offer. The true, transformative power of yoga has now been seeded in North America for the benefit of many generations to come.