“So we are on a threshold of this possibility because the technologies of today give us the possibility to reach the whole world. That is where we are sitting – on the threshold of a great possibility. I don’t want a possibility to remain a possibility. I want it to become a reality. If everybody is committed, it is not far away at all.” -Sadhguru 

Under the guidance of Sadhguru and driven by a sense of oneness, love, and a deep longing to reach out and share, Isha Foundation has implemented several large-scale human service projects for rural upliftment, education reform, environmental stewardship, as well as holistic and healthy living.

In the United States, Isha Care offers free primary healthcare to the rural, uninsured and underserved populations of Warren and Van Buren Counties in McMinnville, Tennessee.

A sister program in Tamil Nadu, India, Action for Rural Rejuvenation is a rural revitalization program offering medical care, community rehabilitation, and human upliftment to more than four thousand villages in rural southern India, and in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Isha Vidhya is the means of fulfilling Sadhguru’s vision to transform the quality of rural populations of India by providing affordable, high quality, school education so that the native intelligence of rural children has the opportunity to bloom. The uniquely designed pedagogy promises to produce confident, English speaking, computer-skilled youth capable of productive participation in the economy while preserving the identities of their origins and culture.

Project GreenHands is a massive public reforestation effort aiming to plant 114 million trees as fast as possible in Tamil Nadu, India. As a first step, a mass tree-planting marathon was held on October 17, 2006, which resulted in over 800,000 saplings being planted in a single day, achieving the Project a place in the Guinness Book of  World Records. The project seeks to inspire people around the world to keep this planet habitable for future generations and to establish a culture of care for the environment.

Isha Craft is a creative initiative that brings the beauty of craft to our lives while providing opportunity for livelihood to rural people.

Isha Home School aims at providing quality education in a home-like environment for the well-rounded development of a child. With its prominent international faculty, the school kindles the innate urge within a child to learn and know, focusing on instilling living skills and life values rather than mere academic pursuits. It makes education a process of discovery and joy.

Isha Samskriti is endeavoring to create the kind of people whose value is timeless – people who do everything right, so life works in its fullest possibility. Samskriti is preparing children not for the University, but for the Universe, creating human beings who raise themselves to the highest level of consciousness and ability, without in any way being in conflict with the rest of existence.