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Golf Digest - Jan 15, 2019
Teeing Off For A noble Cause

It was an opportunity hard to pass up: golfing for the cause of rural education in India. When professional and amateur golfers – from across India and overseas nations such as Australia, Singapoer, UAE and UK - came together at Oxford Golf Resort in Pune,

Golf Plus - Jan 15, 2019

Though he’s never taken a lesson or been on a practice range, Sadhguru’s golf shotmaking is the envy of many golfers. Named one of India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, a bestselling author & poet.

The Navhind Times - Jan 12, 2019
The difference between Poornima and Amavasya

Traditionally, Indian spirituality has attached a great deal of significance to the phases of the moon. What exactly is the significance of Poornima (the full moon) and Amavasya (the no-moon)?

Eastarn Eye - Jan 11, 2019
Freedom from likes and dislikes

YOU are always thinking “What I like and what I dislike… it is my freedom.” It is not so. The beginning of bondage is in liking and disliking. You like something, you dislike something – that is what is limiting you from experiencing life just the way it is.

Deccan Chronicle - Jan 05, 2019
A powerful way to transform yourself

Every human being, either consciously or unconsciously, through the process of what we call life, creates a certain image, a certain personality of himself. This image that you have created within yourselves has nothing to do with the self, your inner nature.

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The Navhind Times
The Role of Scriptures on the Spiritual Path

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