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The New Indian Express - Nov 25, 2018
Stop the Imitation

Krishna was not trying to be joyful. He was just joyful and bursting with ecstasy. He just lived with intense purpose. He dedicated his whole life to other people’s wellbeing.

Golf Plus - Nov 15, 2018

Though he’s never taken a lesson or been on a practice range, Sadhguru’s golf shotmaking is the envy of many golfers. Named one of India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, bestselling author & poet.

The New Indian Express - Nov 11, 2018
Spirituality is Not for a Fool

If spirituality or divinity has to happen, the first thing is, we must get our humanity to its peak. Why has every religion, every spiritual process always been talking about love or compassion?

The Shillong Times - Nov 11, 2018
Should we go to temples

No other culture has looked at life with as much depth and profoundness as Indian culture has. Here, God is not the ultimate focus of life. Liberation or mukti is the ultimate goal.

The Shillong Times - Oct 28, 2018
Myth of head vs heart

It is common to hear people say that their head leads them in one direction and their heart in another. In yoga, the fundamental basis we establish is this: you are one person, a single, unified being. There is no separation of head and heart; you are one whole.

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The New Indian Express
Spirituality Not a Moral Code

The Navhind Times
Sacred Ganga

The Navhind Times
How Do You Know Yourself?

The Navhind Times
Breaking the Karmic Cycle

Deccan Chronicle
Spirituality in the leadership

The Navhind Times
Spirituality – Not a Moral Code

The Times of India
How do I deal with feelings of insecurity?

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