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Indian Team Attends Yoga Course

28 November, 1996

COIMBATORE, Nov. 27. - Members of the Indian Hockey team hope to present a formidable front to their opponents on the field with the help of yoga techniques of concentrating acquired at a yoga centre at Coimbatore.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Founder, Isha Foundation, is conducting a special yoga programme for the team members in a condensed eight-day residential course here.

Besides the 18 team players, three others, Mr. Bhaskaran, coach, Mr. Jabarathnam, secretary, and a physio-therapist are attending the sessions.

Mr. Ravishankar, Reception Committee, ISHA Foundation Yoga Centre, told The Hindu that the Swamiji would teach the players breathing techniques (pranayama) and sunya meditation. Using these procedures, the team members would be able to still their inner selves, focus their minds and bodies together, and obtain inner calmness and physical stamina, which would help them in good stead on the field. They would be able to concentrate more easily, and work together for a common purpose.

Though the exact syllabus that the Swamiji has chalked out are not known, it is probable that a few essential asanas will be included. There may also be theoretical sessions.

It will be a strenuous time for the players, who will attend training sessions from 9am to 6pm everyday with a one-hour break for lunch. They are likely to be put on a special diet that includes only raw, vegetarian food, without milk, curd, decoction coffee or tea.

Though the yoga centre has conducted yoga classes to reduce stress, this is the first time it has entered the arena of sports, and it will help the players to combine physical fitness with mental fitness.

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