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The New Indian Express - Apr 19, 2015
Enjoying Every Day is the Purpose of Life

I am often asked, “What is the purpose of life?” If a person were blissful at this moment, he would never have this question. If just sitting here and breathing was ecstatic, it would never arise. Only when life has become burdensome do we have these “To be or not to be” questions.


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The New Indian Express - Apr 05, 2015
Withdrawing from Activity is Crucial

To seek the Divine, should you withdraw from worldly affairs? How can you withdraw from worldly affairs anyway? It all depends on what it is that you call worldly affair? Yes.

DNA - Mar 31, 2015
Inner Truth: Self Realisation is the Easiest Thing

Ramana Maharishi declared “Atma gnanam ati sulabam,” which means, self-realisation is the easiest thing in the existence. It is not difficult. What difficult things do you have to do to experience what is within you? It is just that you are willing and unwilling at the same time. The struggle is yours. You have just chosen a path like this.

Deccan Herald - Mar 28, 2015
Pancha Bhutas: The five elements

Whether you want to know pleasure or you want to know bliss, for both your system has to become willing. Both, the individual human body and the larger cosmic body, essentially, are made of five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space.

The Economic Times - Mar 27, 2015
‘Hindus are seekers, not Believers… Ghar-wapsi Not in Our Ethos’

Why get exercised about conversions or demand ghar wapsi when we’re not believers but seekers of truth, asks SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV, founder, Isha Foundation, in a conversation with NARAYANI GANESH and REENA SINGH in Delhi. He dismisses the recent church attacks as acts of vandalism


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