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The New Indian Express - Feb 22, 2015
Light Up the World Within Yourself

Most of the time, people get caught up in the problem that exist now. It is not that we should ignore the problems, we should not just close our eyes and wish them away - they will not go away - but if you get attached to the problem, you are the problem.

The Times of India - Feb 17, 2015
Shivaratri Message: 'The only way out is in'

There is only one reason why everyone is not naturally enlightened, and it is simply this: people have categorised the world. They have divided it into good and bad. God and Devil, high and low, sacred and profane, heaven and hell.

The New Indian Express - Feb 15, 2015
The Time of Shiva

Why Mahashivarathri has such importance in the yogic traditions is because of the possibilities it presents to a spiritual seeker. Among all the twelve Shivarathris that occur in a calendar year, Mahashivarathri, the one that occurs in February-March is of most spiritual significance.

The New Indian Express - Feb 08, 2015
The Impossibility of Abandoning Desire

Someone recently asked me about a series of articles I wrote in a leading Tamil magazine for one whole year. the title was Athanaikum Aasaipadu. That means Desire for Everything. So there has been a lot of interest and confusion among people.

GFILE - Feb 05, 2015
Discard the baggage

Human memory is the very basis of civilization. It is the fundamental ingredient responsible for all science, technology and culture on the planet. But this source of empowerment can also become a source of enslavement.

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Deccan Chronicle
The game of life

The Times of India
When Existence Speaks A Language You Understand
Top 5 Myths of Yoga -- Busted!

The Navhind Times
From Vedic Sciences to Ultimate Perception

The New Indian Express
Midlife is Not a Crisis, It's a Natural Change

The Navhind Times
What is The Role of God

Monsoon Journal

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