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Deccan Chronicle - Nov 21, 2014
Mystic Mantra: Attaining fulfilment

Fulfilment is not attained by some action. At every stage of your life, you thought “if this happens, my life will become complete.” This thought may have come up within you. For example, when you were a child you thought, “if I get this toy, my life will be complete.” You got that toy, but after few days you took it and threw it into the dustbin.

DNA - Nov 20, 2014
Inner Truth: Living in Awareness

Whatever the past karma, it is like this: let us say, until the age of thirty you earn ten million rupees. Now you can either squander it or make it grow. In the past, you might have created some riches within you. In this life you may either add to it or squander it; but definitely some quality of that will be there in your life, though in unconsciousness it may go to waste.

The Navhind Times - Oct 28, 2014
Dealing with debilitating disease

Whether it is stone, earth, plant, animal or the human body, the physical world always follows the law of cause and effect. Generally, we are limited to seeing only the effect or the outcome; we do not have the capability of seeing the cause of the outcome.

The New Indian Express - Oct 26, 2014
Unlock Your Energies Through Regular Yoga

For many people, yoga probably means some impossible physical postures. This is a very distorted idea of what yoga is. Yoga means to be in perfect tune. When you are in yoga, your body, mind and spirit are in absolute harmony with the existence.

The Times of India - Oct 22, 2014
Turn Your Whole Life Into A Celebration

Diwali is celebrated for many cultural reasons and one is that of Naraka Chaturdashi. The cruel king Narakasura was eliminated by Krishna on this day. Evil need not necessarily come in the form of demons. Desperation, depression and frustration can cause much more damage to one's life than the demons that you have no seen.

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Passion, key to life

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Grow the Culture of a Universal Religion

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Enlightenment Is Self-Annihilation

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A good planet, a good life

The Covai Mail
'Seeking' is different from 'desiring'

The New Indian Express
Spirituality Needs to Enter the Leadership

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