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Spice Route - Nov 15, 2015
Through The Mystic Eye

An internationally-renowned speaker, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary. In this series, Sadhguru clears several misconceptions about yoga, and offers refreshing perspectives on this ancient science.

GFILE - Nov 05, 2015
Play of Five Elements

Essentially, the body is a play of five elements or panchabhutas – water, earth, air, fire, akash. Everything you call a physical creation has substance of some kind; that’s earth. All of it is in movement-that’s earth. All of it ascribes to some temperature – that’s fire.

The New Indian Express - Nov 01, 2015
Better Be Yourself than Willing to Be Anything

When can you become willing? Only when you have no will of your own, you become willing. When you have a will of your own, you stand up like a stone, isn't it? It is just that this world, the people, your education, have always tried to teach you how to conquer.

News Today - Oct 31, 2015
Yoga teaches one to take charge of life: Jaggi

He defined yoga, its four paths and how physical postures represent small parts of the framework of yoga and asked people to look inward to the experiences within and how these are projected in their own mind, to a packed audience of over 250 guests including India's consul general in Houston P Harish.

Business Standard - Oct 30, 2015
Yoga teaches persons to take charge of life's experiences

Yoga teaches a person to take charge of the life's experiences instead of being too busy with the psychological drama one faces, Isha Foundation head Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev has said.

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The Statesman

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Anger – the self made game

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Notes from the yogi

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Turn inward to unleash power of yoga

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Navaratri: Making Place For The Feminine

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Spiritual bouncer

Deccan Chronicle
Navratri and the Tridevis

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