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Asian Age - Nov 12, 2016
Mystic Mantra: The path of the divine

The word brahmacharya is made up of two words: brahman, the divine or ultimate and charya, the path. Brahmacharya means “to be on the path of the ultimate”, which means you have no personal agendas. You do what is needed. You have no personal ways of deciding where you should go in your life, what you should do, or what you like and dislike; all these things are simply taken away from you.

... - Nov 11, 2016
Tantra yoga... definitely orgasmic, but not sexual

The word "tantra" literally means a technique or a technology. This is an inner technology. These are subjective methods. It is true that in tantra, certain aspects of the body are used for certain practices.

The Huffington Post - Nov 01, 2016
Vote For Well-being, Not War

In Tamil, a southern Indian language, the word for democracy is "jana nayakam," which means the rule of the people. In a democracy, you do not elect a ruler. You elect a representative who rules on your behalf.

Deccan Chronicle - Oct 14, 2016
The Significance of Dakshinayana

Dakshinayana is the time when the sun begins to trace a southward movement in the Northern hemisphere of the planet.

... - Oct 14, 2016
How do we work through our relationships?

Now first of all, understand this that relationship is not about the other people. Your ablility to hold on to relationships does not depend upon the different types of people that you have around you. It depends upon the type of person that is here (pointing to himself, referring to the self).

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Free from Fear of Death

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