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Eastarn Eye - Jun 16, 2017
Absolute attachment

These kinds of teaching and misunderstandings have come because of the pain pepole go through with attachment.

DB Post - May 23, 2017
What Darshan means:Beholding the Divine

This word "darshan" literally means to behold or to see when you say "I am in darshan," you are stating that "I see"or behold."This is a culture in the east that comes from a very deep understanding of the life process.

The New Indian Express - Apr 02, 2017
Achieve with Attention

If you pay much more attention to everything, above all if you heighten your ability to be attentive,that could be used in miraculous ways

. ...
DB Post - Mar 28, 2017
Attachment with the body

In most people's experience, if they are not married, that is a big problem; if they get married that is a bigger problem.

The New Indian Express - Mar 19, 2017
Success is for Potential Minds

I think the main problem is people are trying to be on the fast lane without having a fast car. When you are in such a condition, you naturally crack up all the time. You will enormously stressful. It is like taking your old Maruti on the F1 track.

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Deccan Chronicle
The unwritten essence

The New Indian Express
Never Speak While Doing Asana

DB Post
Carry Shiva in your heart

Spice Route

DB Post
Guru’s physical presence

NRI Achievers
Temples A Doorway To The Beyond…

DB Post
Love is all about you

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