Recently in the press - Jul 24, 2016
Media, minorities, godmen and beef ban

When you say media, there may be a business element to it.

Outlook - Jul 18, 2016
Stopping ISIS: Soundbites

Sare jahan se accha... This is what we need to do. Make India set out a truly wonderful and beautiful space—so wonderful no one will want to go anywhere else; even the promise of heaven will not take them elsewhere.

live - Jul 15, 2016
The privilege of leadership

A “leader” means life offers you a higher perch than other people have. If you sit on a higher perch and don’t see any better than others, you will become an object of ridicule. People will look up to you only if you have an insight into situations and problems, and an insight into possible solutions.

DB Post - Jun 28, 2016
Be a joyous human being

You may have great intentions, you may have great ambitions, you may have many desires but fundamentally everything that you do in this world spells out who you really are within yourself.

The New Indian Express - Jun 25, 2016
Sexuality and success

In a male, there is a sense of conquest. If he is all-male and he does not have other aspects evolved within him, if he has not nurtured the other dimensions in him, conquest is very important. He sees everything, including sexuality, as conquest.

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The Free Press Journal
Yoga – Dissolving your identity

The Times of India
Yoga As Non-sectarian Technology

DB Post
A reminder of your mortality

Times of India
Warming up for the big day
Why do we need Yoga?

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