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The New Indian Express - Jul 20, 2014
Drop Out of the Race; Just Do Right Thing

It does not matter what you want to be in the world, whatever you do externally, in some way you are always trying to be like somebody or be better than somebody. The very word "Spirituality" fundamentally means that you are not trying to be like anybody else.

The Times of India - Jul 19, 2014
When The First Guru Was Born

We have entered the period of Dakshinayana, when the sun's relationship with the planet changes from its northern movement to its southern run. The shift within the human body is such that it is more conducive for sadhana.

The Asian Age - Jul 09, 2014
The magic of the ordinary

Diffidence is something that lowers the scale of life when life can happen more beautifully. Confidence is a scourge, it is a disease. Overconfident people are invariably tyrants on different levels.

The New Indian Express - Jul 06, 2014
Empower Yourself to Empower Others

Only if you are joyful, only if you know what it means to live beautifully, you can create this for somebody else too. Let’s say half the world is miserable right now—it actually is. Now, if you make yourself also miserable, you are only adding to the problem.

GFILE - Jul 05, 2014
Role of the Guru

SOME time ago, on a Himalayan trek, an American lady asked me whether I enjoyed the role of Guru. I replied, "Being a yogi is fantastic; but being a guru is frustrating.

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The New Indian Express
Suffering is Always Created by You

The Navhind Times
Why Brahmacharya?

The Covai Mail
Compete by choice

The Navhind Times
Unwinding the Karmic Spring

The New Indian Express
Let Bigger Pleasures Have the Better of You

The Covai Mail
Plant Trees for Better World

Choose your karma

The Navhind Times
Transcending the man-woman divide

The Covai Mail
Being possessed by the spiritual path

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