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Speaking - Aug 21, 2015
Dialogue With The Universe

You may wonder why a mystic should be interested in planting trees.Why is a yogi playing environmentalist? In this tradition,haven’t people always attained enlightenment under a tree? I am trying to impart the necessary yogic training to many.But where are the trees? The ambience is missing!

DNA - Aug 12, 2015
Inner Truth: Kundalini Yoga- Beneficial or Dangerous?

Sadhguru speaks about what kundalini is, and looks at the process of Kundalini Yoga. He explores how this powerful spiritual process should be approached with utmost responsibility and reverence. In the yogic culture, the snake is a symbolism for kundalini – the unmanifest energy within you. The nature of kundalini is such that when it is still, you do not even know it exists.

The New Indian Express - Aug 08, 2015
Create Spiritual Refuge at Home for Growth

Essentially, a home is an arrangement to live. People make arrangements according to their means and according to their needs—or sometimes according to their neighbours’ needs! I hope your home is according to your needs, and not according to someone else’s idea as to how you should live. You must make your home the way it works for you.

GFILE - Aug 05, 2015
Go as a seeker

For over 12,000 years, there has been an unbroken record of people from the Indian subcontinent making the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. This was often considered their last journey because it meant walking all the way through formidable terrain with little protection elements.

The New Indian Express - Jul 25, 2015
Sound Sans Meaning Makes Up Creation

Today, modern science has proven that the whole existence is a certain reverberation of energies or, in other words, an assimilation of vibrations. Where there is a vibration there is bound to be a sound. Scientists arrived at the fact that everything is a vibration through mathematical deductions.

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Uncage yourself

The Times of India
When The Sky Begins To Speak To You

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Clear vision

The New Indian Express
The Flowering of Our Consciousness

Asian Age
The burden of knowledge

Business 360
Why is Yoga becoming popular

The New Indian Express
Gnana Yoga: being 100 per cent Straight

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