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GFILE - Apr 14, 2014
Faith is not cultivated

A lament one often hears is that today's generation is not religious, that it does not share the same beliefs of an earlier generation. I personally wish there were more youth who did not believe! it is an unfortunate situation in the world when the youth believe what their fathers say.

The New Indian Express - Apr 06, 2014
How to Open up to Higher Possibilities

Before we look at how to become open, we must look at what is it that closes you up. There are four dimensions which, for so many reasons, could have closed. Your mind could be closed because of the influences that it is subject to.

The New Indian Express - Mar 30, 2014
We Have 10 to 20 Years of Elbowroom to Turn Around

Today, India is on the threshold of an economic upsurge. Various things that we did not even dream were possible for a larger segment of the population could be possible in the next few years - if we handle things right.


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The Times of India - Mar 27, 2014
How Not To Become A Fossil

Tradition is accumulated past which people get attached to because they are not living the present and they have no hope for the future. They do not know how to access that which is yet-to-be, so they sit on a pile of things done in the past and call it "tradition".

The Navhind Times - Mar 26, 2014
Don't go up in smoke!

The more you try not to think of something the more it will play on your mind. As an experiment, try not to think of monkeys for the next 10 seconds. You can only think of monkeys, right? This is the nature of the mind.

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The New Indian Express
The Creator Won't Make Bad Deals

Deccan Chronicle
Live life the ordinary way

The New Indian Express
Like Your Shadow, Ego is a False Reality

Spirituality clean

The Times of India
Shiva, The Ultimate Outlaw

Deccan Chronicle
Awaken the Shiva in you

The New Indian Express
Experience the Divine on Mahashivarathri

The Navhind Times
Combating water woes

Sunday Hans
Are Superstitions Real?

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