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The Times of India - Jan 28, 2016
Living As Citizens Of The Universe

Neil Armstrong’s image of Planet Earth from the moon is a reminder of how paltry our terrestrial conflicts can seem when viewed from outer space. The image speaks to us because we are aware, on some level, that we are not just residents of the earth, but citizens of the universe.

Spice Route - Jan 15, 2016
How can we be loving no matter what the situation?

If you love someone, it’s a fickle happening because nobody can fulfill the unrealistic expectations you have from them. Even Krishna’s wives had complaints! Whatever the human experience – love or hate – it happens only within you.

Deccan Chronicle - Jan 15, 2016
Isha yoga founder bats for a brave youth-friendly sport

What beauty is to a woman, valour is to a man. The rural youth of our country have lost various means through which they could find and express their courage, skill, and competence in daily life. Jallikattu, a traditional sport in rural Tamil Nadu.

The New Indian Express - Jan 10, 2016
Existence and the Forms of Geometry

If you take away your human perspective and simply look at everything, the whole existence is just complex geometry; it is just shapes. If I look at a tree, the most significant aspect of the tree for me is not the color or the flowers.

Deccan Chronicle - Jan 08, 2016
Put your life on fast-forward

One aspect of getting into the spiritual process is to put your life on fast forward. At one level what spirituality means is that you are not willing to wait for the normal process of evolution to happen; you want it fast.

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The Asian Age
Put your life on fast-forward

Mystery of creation

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