Recently in the press - Sep 23, 2016
Transcend the limitations of the physical... and then, you will be a seeker

What is Spirituality? The very mention of the word spirituality conjures up a variety of images in today's society. If i must define it, i would choose a very technical definition. Spirituality essentially means, being able to experience life by transcending the limitations of the physical.

... - Sep 16, 2016
What is Hinduism?

This is a culture where we do not see God as the ultimate because we are aware that we created him. Being a Hindu and having grown up with it, i'm often asked, "what is Hinduism?"

... - Sep 09, 2016
Life after retirement should be a blessing

If people with so much of experience behind them could convert their life's experiences into terrains of wisom, that wisdom born out of experience could be made useful for the world in so many different ways.

... - Sep 02, 2016
Satsang is to be in communion with the source of Creation

Satsang is not a get together. It does not mean being a part of a yoga club or associating with different people and talking about spirituality or listening to spiritual talks.

Spice Route - Sep 2016
Through the mystic Eye

Yoga is not just about morning-evening practice. Every aspect of your life-The very way you walk,breathe,interact-should become a process of Yoga.

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