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The New Indian Express - May 16, 2015
Fine-tune Your Body for Higher Dimensions

When it comes to a dimension beyond your present level of perception, the mind is a horrible guide because it says many things which make you believe things that do not exist, and it makes you miss things which are right there in front of you.

The Economic Times - May 08, 2015
Being stingy is the problem, not greedy

Once, it happened that a newly married woman went back to her mother’s place and said, “My husband is such a wonderful man. He gives me whatever I ask for.” The worldly-wise mother looked at her and said, “Obviously, you are not asking for enough.”


The Times of India - May 07, 2015
Life And The Five Elements As Cosmic Joke

Some time ago, when driving after midnight, I approached a mountain that seemed to be half ablaze, It was misty and as I drive cautiously up the mountain, the fire always seemed a little farther away. When I reached the actual site, I saw just a broken-down truck and a small fire.

GFILE - May 05, 2015
Essence of intellect

We live in times when the human intellect has been given a role utterly disproportionate to its intended function. This is due to the lopsided development of this aspect of the mind encouraged by modern education.

The New Indian Express - May 02, 2015
Peace in the World Starts with Tranquillity Within

With all the faculties bestowed upon human beings, you would think human beings are the most harmonious beings on earth. But if you look at history, the world has never really been peaceful. People have been fighting for food, for wealth, over boundaries, and they have been fighting and are still fighting for their gods. We have always found an excuse to fight.

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The Week
A time for strength and wisdom

The New Indian Express
Enjoying Every Day is the Purpose of Life

The New Indian Express
Withdrawing from Activity is Crucial

Deccan Herald
Pancha Bhutas: The five elements

The Economic Times
Yoga of Action

The Times of India
There’s No Such Thing As Mental Awareness

The New Indian Express
The Science of Yoga and the Art of Zen

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