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Asian Age - Apr 04, 2016
Be blank page

Every creature, no matter how small or big, is in a relationship with the rest of creation and also with the source of creation. If there is already an inevitable relationship, what can you do? Just change the quality of the relationship.

Sunday Hans - Apr 03, 2016
Are you living your life sensibly?

First of all this needs to be understood, if there is no love in your heart you are anyway an adulterer. For convenience or comfort, if you have given yourself to any aspect of life, not necessarily a man or a woman for that matter, without love in your heart

The Economic Times - Mar 22, 2016
How to get the best deal in life

If you really want the best deal in life, stop making deals. The deal will happen if it’s necessary; it won’t happen if it’s not. Once we’re in this world, there are transactions, personal or otherwise. To get mileage out of a deal, you have to first assess the level of intelligence of the other party.

The New Indian Express - Mar 20, 2016
Don’t pay Attention to Dreams, Focus on Life

Most of the dreams people go through in their day-to-day life are because there is an unbridled sense of desiring. Most human beings are not conscious of most of their desires. If they look at something, they desire that unconsciously.

... - Mar 18, 2016
Ego – that is not to be destroyed!

“Ego” is not something that you got because you are beautiful or rich or you did something great. When you started kicking in your mother’s womb, the ego was born Sadhguru answers the question, “What is ego”, and looks at this often misunderstood aspect. He explains how the ego is neither good nor bad unless one

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Reducing Population will Solve all Problems

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