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Times of India - Oct 03, 2018
How Should We Design Modern Indian Architecture?

Architecture should not be Indian or European. These styles were established at a time when materials were limited. That need not be our future because India has a tremendous history of aesthetics.

The Times of India - Oct 02, 2018
My Mom Says My Room’s A Mess. Is Cleanliness Such A Big Deal?

Scientists say existence is just one energy manifesting in a million different forms. As energy generates forms, forms also generate energy. So the forms around us – those crumpled clothes – can impact us phenomenally.

The New Indian Express - Sep 30, 2018
The How and Why of Life

The questions – “What is the purpose of life? Why did God put us here?” – keep coming up again and again. Fundamentally, what you are asking is: Why creation? When it comes to creation, you never ask why, because you are just a tiny speak in this creation.

Deccan Chronicle - Sep 27, 2018
How to become truly energetic, alive

Being energetic means different things to different people. For a school kid, being energetic means being able to go to school, play games, come back home and fall asleep.

The Times of India - Sep 22, 2018
Are you in love, or are you in a relationship?

Love. I am frequently plied with questions about the subject. Young people, in particular, ask these questions with a very real urgency. What is love? It is a deep, tearing, disruptive experience, that every human being undergoes at some point in life.

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The Times of India
Truly, You Have Infinite Possibilities

The Times of India
Sex: Sacred or Sinful?

The Kovai Herald
How Do You Make Your Dreams Come True?

The New Indian Express
Leave the Familiar

Deccan Chronicle
The potential of Kundalini

The Kovai Herald
The Birth of Krishna

Eastarn Eye
Devotion and the divine

The Free Press Journal
The Truth about Lying

Eastarn Eye
Living as absolute equals

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