Three Days – Three Types of Phenomena
Sadhguru on the Fundamentals of the Consecration Process

Feb 2010

These three days, there will be three different types of phenomena. Three basic processes are going to happen: One is cleansing and purification; another is stimulation – because without the needed stimulation, nothing happens in the existence, starting from the very fundamentals of creation. Modern science is saying how even in vacuum states, if you apply electromagnetic energy somewhere around the vacuum chamber, suddenly this absolute nothingness will start throwing out particles of creation, which they refer to as virtual protons and virtual neutrons. Just the language is different, but here, the same fundamentals of creation apply. It is just that we are not such dry people, we are red . [Laughs] We see it this way: the word Shiva essentially means "that which is not" or "that which is absolutely still." When Shakti comes and plays, this absolute stillness comes alive in the form of creation, starting off with Rudra , as a roar.

You know, scientists have been talking about a bang, one big one. Now, they are going back on that and say there was a series of bangs. If you ever drive a motorcycle or car without the silencer, without the manifold, you will see it will go "bang, bang, bang," but if you throttle up, it will roar. A roar is a composite expression of many bangs. So the first form in which Shiva arose was as Rudra. He roared; a series of bangs happened because Shakti came and played around him. Suddenly, what was absolute stillness, broke open into a roar. So, the first act of creation was that of Shakti, not of Shiva. The basis of creation is Shiva – but the first act of creation is from Shakti. From this basis, many, many things have evolved. Many sages and seers, yogis and siddhas have opened up many dimensions of knowing and experience.

So, the three fundamental phenomena are purification or cleansing, stimulation, and the third phenomenon is contact – to come in contact with the dimension which was the cause of creation, within you and outside of you. It is an established scientific fact today that all life, when it starts, is essentially feminine. It is only after certain hormones enter the fetus, the possibility of masculine becomes a reality. But in its very beginning, all life forms are essentially feminine. The egg that is waiting in the womb is already a life by itself. It just needs a little stimulation and it is on. So, from our own individual forms in which we are here today to the whole cosmic scape, all of it has happened in a certain womb. The smaller womb in which you and I were nurtured is of one kind. The larger womb which nurtures the planet, the larger womb which nurtures the solar system, the larger womb which nurtures the whole cosmic scape is of another kind. Womb essentially means a life-making factory – and this whole existence is a life-making factory, on different levels. So, here, we see the whole existence as the womb of the Devi.

When you come in contact with that dimension which is the very source of your creation, either you can melt and merge with it, you can become one with it, or you can sit and watch like a spectator – I will leave it to you. [Laughs]

As you sit here, air enters you, gives you oxygen, and going out, takes away your carbon dioxide. There is a whole host of other life forms for which this same air gives carbon dioxide and brings out oxygen. So, the same things are happening in many different dimensions, nurturing many aspects of life in such complexity that if you try to intellectually figure it out, asylum is a sure place to go. Fortunately, nobody tries very hard. If somebody tries really hard to intellectually pursue what is considered as the mysteries of life phenomena, the mind will break. This mind is not geared for that. This mind can reflect life; it can never penetrate life. If you want to penetrate life, if you want to know life – when I say "life," I am not talking about eating, sleeping, things that you do as life, not the activity of life but the essence of life, the basis of life, the fundamental making of life. If that has to be known, the only way is to yield to life, not to grasp life.

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