As Tears of Bliss Translate into a Wave - Anandha Alai Culmination Event in Coimbatore

25 September, 2008

Anandha Alai Culmination Event in Coimbatore
Anandha Alai Culmination Event in Coimbatore

An overwhelming crowd of over 10,000 enthusiastic people awaited the arrival of Sadhguru on the evening of 21 September 2008. They were the new meditators who had been introduced to Isha Yoga in the past few weeks at one of the Anandha Alai Inner Engineering Programs in Coimbatore, Tiruppur and nearby areas, where Isha's initiative to create a Wave of Bliss across Tamil Nadu culminated. And they all came together at the Hindusthan College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, to be in the presence of the Master who had already touched a deep chord in them on a level beyond the physical, before meeting them in person.

After some soulful and energetic music by Sounds of Isha, the whole gathering gave themselves to the practices they had been initiated in during the program. As Sadhguru took his seat on stage towards the end of their practices, many were seen visibly shaken by his presence, without even opening their eyes.

Probably for the first time, Sadhguru disclosed his personal motivation behind the massive offering of Inner Engineering Programs through the Anandha Alai initiative, saying that it was an effort to transform the tears of bliss that had drenched him 25 years ago into a wave of bliss among the people of Tamil Nadu. He said that while everyone has the same goal, i.e. happiness, most people end up fighting because they are trying to extract happiness from outside.

In what could be described as one of the most of humorous Sathsangs punctuated with anecdotes and stories, he never missed an opportunity to flag down any flights of imagination saying, "If you lost your brains, you will feel like you are hearing messages from God all over". He made people see that it was not a service to others to create a happy city - it is everyone's own interest to do so. He let out an infectious laughter stating that human beings seem to suffer anything - being poor or rich, being uneducated or educated, being unemployed or employed, being unmarried or married, not having children or having children, being alive or dead.

Transforming every question asked by the audience into an inner inquiry for everyone, he showed them the possibility for transformation that lies in every aspect of life. To a question on when terrorism will be eradicated, he asked back if people wanted a prediction or a plan for a solution. He went on to point out the possibilities that lie ahead of us, not without asking to bear in mind that there is a distance between possibility and reality that needs to be covered. He asked, "Are you willing to bridge the distance?"

Sadhguru answered questions ranging from social issues to the mystical with equal proficiency in the most direct and comprehensible way. To a question regarding volunteering, he said volunteering was about willingness, not just in Isha, but with whatever you do, anywhere. While what to do in life may not be in our hands, whether we are willing or not is in our hands, he pointed out. And where we are willing, it is heaven and where we are not, it is hell.

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