Isha takes off in Malaysia

21 February, 2008

How to tell this story of a land so green and people so warm hearted that nature itself sings to their heartbeat? Looking much like India, but with fewer customs and rituals, and people with a good dose of subtle humour, a natural sense of exuberance and immense gentleness.

The graceful volunteers who made this first class happen have touched the people around them with magic waves of joy and love. This all happened very suddenly…one person asking Sadhguru during the Wholeness program when Isha would come to Malaysia, and one thing led to another. Quickly, a huge wave started and introduction after introduction led to the class happening in a very short time. On 13th February 2008, 47 people took the Inner Engineering journey into themselves. Here is what some of them said after the program:

"The program has given me a taste of a power so great, nobody or nothing can describe." ~ Iniyaraja, Support Analyst, Intel

"Fantastic and overwhelming" ~ Manjit Singh, Doctor

"Worth attending, life changing" ~ Koghinie, Medical Student

"It has helped to establish a path to seek our inner self, our "being" ~ Harjeet, Businessman

"I have been attending a number of courses seeking a program that will quench my thirst. I strongly believe that Isha Yoga, if practiced properly and with sincerity, will fulfil my thirst for freedom." ~ Mohan, Bank Officer

A new country, a new beginning for Isha.

Making a class happen in such short notice seemed like a challenge. But with a group of passionate and inspired volunteers, and meeting after meeting, the class came into shape, until it became like a scenario, a script for a play. And such is the making of this new Isha Center in Penang, Malaysia, half island, half mainland.

It is a joy and privilege to live and be part of something so wonderful. It is never tiresome. Never boring. It is an immense, fulfilling, liberating blessing.

- Tina J.
Isha Teacher

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