FAQ for Sounds of Isha Caller Tunes

1. What is the difference between ringtone and caller tune?
Ringtone is the tone you hear when you get a call from somebody before you answer. Caller Tune is the tone which is heard by the party calling you till you answer his/her call.
2. How do I set the mp3 file I downloaded as ringtone in my phone?
The instructions are different for different phones.

For iphone,  click here
For android,  click here
For windows phone,  click here
3. Are these ringtones & caller tunes available outside India?
The ringtones can be used wherever you are. The caller tunes require you to use one of the supported operators within India.
4. How long are these ringtones & caller tunes?
About 30 seconds each.
5. How do I know whether my handset supports caller tune?
Since caller tunes are neither downloaded nor installed on your handset, no handset support is required for the same. This means all handsets support caller tune.
6. Do I need to download caller tune on my mobile?
Caller tunes are neither downloaded nor installed on your handset. All caller tunes reside with your operator and played from there when someone calls you. So your handset make, model or memory has no bearing on the caller tune you select.
7. Are caller tune & ringback tone the same?
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