• Chennai Mega Program
  • Over 15,000 in Chennai for Mega Program

ith 15,265 people, Chennai mega program is the largest initiation into Shambhavi to date. A tremendous effort by the Chennai volunteers towards bringing this powerful process to the people of Chennai. And the participants paid back with tremendous involvement, intensity and commendable levels of discipline.

To state it simply, it was a spiritual bomb.

Within 3 hours after concluding the program, here I am on the way to Singapore and onwards to USA for a series of events. Will catch up with you next week.

Love & Blessings,

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  • Rakesh

    Mighty Spiritual revolution on way.

  • veeranagouda yaligar


  • Tarun Agrawal

    Amazing to see the level of participation. Would like to see similar event happening in Delhi some day. Naman Sadhguru!!

  • Amit

    Awsome , people getting blessed with divine

  • Brahmavidhya Arun

    Feeling grateful for being a part of this program….being overwhelmed by sadguru’s presence…longing to be in Sadguru’s presence by his grace…

  • gs.arunachalem

    it was great experience with sadhguru ….. anandaalai all around the globe……..

  • kamal

    Love u Sadhguru!!!

  • Ranjani

    What an event it was Sadhguru…I feel like I got initiated only during this event like as if I was born only during this event…To me it was second BSP..volunteering for this event has been the most blissful experience of my life ever….challenges we met and the way we rose to meet them to put in our best towards a single goal of spreading what we have experienced to 15000 others….no words to express what is happening within me after this event….I had just recovered from severe pain due to spondylosis and was wondering how I can offer myself physically when there was much need for it at the venue…amazingly – with the chant and the amount of physical work I have done those 4 days, forget pain, even the mild pain that troubled me for over a decade has just vanished in thin air and it was not a miracle…maayam or mantram, you made me work on it with your grace!!! It has been such an overwhelming experience to say the least……My saadhana has intensified now with your grace and blessings and as usual it would be very stupid of me to say Thanks to you since that is such a petty word and can just not convey the way I feel ….I am brimming with so much joy and energy like never before and I am craving to spread this all around me like a 5 year old would crave to share his bday chocolates ….I cant stop saying namaskaram to whoever I talk to…I feel energized everytime I say it!!!! I have never felt so physically fit ever……My MASTER, My MASTER…..namo namaha shri guru pAdukAbhyAm……you chose an idiot like me for such a cause….!!!! NamaskarArams……just bless me to be with you like this forever….seek nothing else…..!!!!!!!

    • Suresh

      Actually your sharing energize me to stand up :)

    • Deepanjali Naik

      So beautiful!!!……..Your sharing actually very energizing!!

      • Ranjani

        Namaskaram…I am energized by HIS grace and its ought to spread…its only HIS grace and nothing else…I dont exist here at all…I am here in the form of HIS grace…this is how I feel now…overflowing gratitude again if I am able to be a tool to spread this experience…what more can I ask for??? I am just overwhelmed…

  • Arun Jayaprakash G

    It’s unbelievable that I was a part of this wonderful experience. Sadhguru was everything to us

  • Mitra

    I am an Iranian, resident in Toronto. It is hard for me to go to US, for being in your gathering!
    Anyway, I wish I could see Sadhguru in Canada someday!
    Wish him and all love, joy, meaningfulness.

  • Vinod


  • kamalrajan

    Dear Sadguru,
    I have participated in this program. After a long time I felt like a child dancing crying and longing for you. I felt little better when I complete the session of two and a half days mentally emotionally indeed physically. My level of understanding has been developed through the sessions. You said that if we allow you would come with us.. I always wish you to be with me. I feel you within me . Please be with me and guide me to the ultimate destination.
    With love,

  • Kunguma Karthik

    upload all the photos please

  • Ceekaykay

    Explosions of intense love
    And faces glowing with Your grace
    And what more do we need now
    With divinity fast gathering pace….

    ( Humble Pranams to Sadhguru)

  • Geetha Bhaskarachar

    Dear Sadguru, we both husband and wife felt like the “Aadi guru” himself is infront of us and taking us to new heights and still we are in hangover. Dont know how to thank you.

  • USHA

    it is posible only because of sadh guru.just to be in His presence., is something unexplaianle

  • Krithika

    Namaskaram to all –
    No words, only tears . Chennai has received sadhguru’s blessings . After this event , i feel i have been moved to a different world , all the people around me are so good. Sadhguru’s presence is itself – a bliss . Namaskarams to all the participants , Volunteers , Panchabootham – Even the rain co-operated , not a single drop on saturday & sunday.

    15,000 people participated , it was raining on friday & the way out was full of mud ( sekathi ) , it took about 1 hour just to come out of the venue at night 10 pm . But surprisingly , No human being was scolding the other , instead all the people were walking with hands on others shoulders with a sisterly / brotherly feeling .

    Only Sadhguru can create these miracles by improving the humanity in this world .

    Aaiyiram Kotti Namaskarams to my sadhguru

  • Karthikeyan Jegathesan

    Namaskaram Sadhguru, Thanks for showing us (me & my wife) the bliss. All the 3 days we are been with you with full of tears. when ever i think of you, I am fully blissfull.

    I dont know how to explain, but I saw you behind the Kailash mountain. I have no words.

  • ganeshbabu

    I am reading this post & comments from office. I am filled with tears..unable to write further

  • Ranjani

    and yes, please upload some more pictures :) Namaskarams…

  • Siva Shankar

    Namaskar to all,

    Recently i have attended the 3-days program here in chennai and though i don’t know tamil. I have enjoyed it and i find myself lucky to have the grace of Sadguru. Many many thanks to my friend who took me to there. I was too initiated but i on question in my mind some people screamed with joy about i didnt have the same experience is that because i didn’t have

    got proper initiation or enough energy. Can any on of sadguru’s disciples help me?


    • Ranjani

      Namaskaram Siva anna…dont think about all that, it is not necessary…now that you got initiated, just focus and practice it everyday without fail..that is all what you need to do…rest will be taken care by the MASTER! :) pranams

  • Rajgopal


    “Two and a Half Life Time”, Though i have seen numerous videos of Sadhguru even before i attended the programme, i used to enjoy and feel every word. so much so i downloaded all of them. But i was waiting for the call from Sadhguru, And it happened on 13th, 14th, and 15th of September 2013. My Birthday (Not the Physical) but spritual. As Sadhguru had said – You dont seek a Guru, But Guru takes you.

    Sadhguru You are the breath which i breath, your are the Blood that runs in my veins, if any thoughts come its you and about You. Now i have found the Road to my Realiasation – I believe it is through you only.

    SADHGURU hold my hands like you hold a Toddler, and guide me to MY Realiasation.

  • ramanes

    It is wonderful experience, which we got in 2 & 1/2 days.Character completly changed, Some awareness come.
    Daily activities changed. My humble request to me & everybody is we need to continiously practice the yoga&dhiyana.We also need to be in continous touch with ISHA

  • Varun Chamadiya

    Love You Sadhguru.

  • Vinodhini

    Sadhguru, Sadhguru, Sadhguru-I really don’t know the exact meaning for Yaadhumahi Ninrai, but the day when I saw you,it was that. I could not talk much, even now tears shedding on my eyes.

  • alex

    I can feel the joy coming from the pictures on my computer , well done Everyone I pray for all Australia to to get involved in these wonderful isha programs