• Sadhguru with Hata Yoga Students

n Guru Pournami, we kicked off our 2nd annual Hata Yoga Teacher Training program at the ashram. It is wonderful to see over 85 people from different parts of the world come for this intense training for the next 21 weeks, and to acquaint themselves with Hata Yoga in its classical format.

Yoga means many things to many people. One thing is, it is a sure way to avoid going to hell. Because even if they send you to hell, you will think you are in heaven after Hata Yoga. Nobody can ever torture you again. (Laughter) It is not a small freedom. Hata is a phenomenal science – it is a way of building a platform. When I say a platform – your body, mind and energy system are essentially a platform to experience life. The question is just about how profound your experience of life is.

Changing your chemistry by whatever means is not the most profound thing. If you change your chemistry either by yoga or bhoga, you will have pleasant experiences. Looking for pleasantness itself is not a very profound thing. To build a system which is capable of handling all dimensions of life as an experience – where no experience will break this system, no experience will mess up this energy – is what Hata means. Ha-ta means to bring a certain cohesiveness between the two major players who make this body – the sun and the moon. Every moment of our life, everything that we do is being controlled by these two forces. Forget about asanas, take something as simple as walking – the volume of physical laws involved in walking is too complex for anybody to understand. If you take away a drop of fluid from your ears, which is playing a crucial role in keeping your balance, suddenly you cannot stand. Your legs may be strong, but still they will be no good because to walk on a round planet – which is spinning and travelling at a tremendous speed – involves too many forces.

Whether pleasant or unpleasant things happen, Hata Yoga is to develop a system which will turn everything into your well-being. 

Hata Yoga is a way of getting beneath these forces so that you use these forces as a way to deepen your experience of life, or to make a larger slice of life available to yourself, because ultimately that is the longing of every human being. It doesn’t matter whether you are running after money, knowledge, wealth or love, essentially, everybody wants to have a larger slice of life. If you want to have it all, if you want to eat the whole pie, you must have a stomach to digest it. That is the most important thing. Classical Hata Yoga is to prepare your body and your mind, and above all, to strengthen your energy system in such a way that your energy body is so strong and stable that it can take any kind of experience. It is capable of handling all this that you call life.

Whether pleasant or unpleasant things happen, Hata Yoga is to develop a system which will turn everything into your well-being. Because what life throws at you, you cannot determine. What you make out of it, you can determine. If this has to happen, you need an appropriate body, mind and energy system, otherwise the ways of life are such it can completely break and destroy you. You may think you are very nice and peaceful, but if somebody does one thing to you, you will crack up.

Another meaning for the word ‘Hata’ is adamant. You are adamant, you are not the kind to give up on anything. It doesn’t matter – there are people who will keep going only if you throw flowers in their path. If you throw filth, they will run away. But you are adamant; it doesn’t matter if life throws flowers or filth, you will go where you want to go. It doesn’t matter what the world does to you. If you want to become like that, Hata Yoga is a good method to get to that place. Hata Yoga is a powerful tool to determine and execute the course of your Destiny.

Love & Blessings,

Excerpted from Sadhguru’s opening discourse with the Hata Yoga students on July 23, 2013.



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  • Sanjeev Sharma

    HATA Yoga Means

    “You are adamant; it doesn’t matter if life throws flowers or filth, you will go where you want to go”
    I love it , has absorbed it and will follow it. Thanks Sadhguru

  • subhash

    Frankly, I did not expect this from Sadhguru, Hatha yoga making you bodily and mentally strong! If that were the little purpose behind it, it was worth shit. Why does not Sadhguru realize that all yoga are to tune you to eternity, to be one with that THAT IS. Oh please Sadhguru something is amiss here, will you like to say the truth. Or does your business sense tell you to say only that that sells, keeping the secret, secret.

    • Ajay

      I personally feel that if your body and mind is at ease, it is easier to move on to next step i.e. seeing your ignorance. Because no matter how well your body and mind is, you’ll always struggle with life unless you realize that carrying yourself (your views, ideologies,gender, nationality) is burdonsome and you want to put it aside for good forever. This hatha could be a building block and not an end to itself. I beleive that’s what is being pointed in blog.

    • Shambho

      To be one with that THAT IS, your mind/body/energy needs to be at a certain level. We all are already THAT IS. There is no two here. But to experience it, we need to prepare ourselves (body/mind/energy) in a certain way so that we can experience the oneness with all THAT IS. Hatha Yoga prepares you for that.

    • father of enlightened fools

      for detail join training.. mind ur own business not his… only if u dont know then there is possiblity to know dear… he is speaking for seekers not for foolish confident peoples..

    • Mrinal

      @Subash, I am really surprised at your limited understanding of the article and even beside that I think you need to be careful with your expletives like Shit, it is not amusing in the context.
      It is Ok, if you think strengthening body and mind is not important and Yoga has a heavenly purpose for you, but I think, Sadhguru is taking care of the business, that he has embraced, getting Yoga as integral part of human life. I think he has quite explicitly explained that we cannot think of any experience beyond body and mind till the point we strengthen these fundamentals aspects, in fact energy aspect can only be tuned after the Muladhara and the Swadishthana the base chakras are taken care and strengthened

  • Chandru Radhakrishnan

    @Subash: He has said body, mind and above all the most important aspect is the energy, stabilizing it is very important. Please read the article closely and then comment here. No Offense!!

  • Ceekaykay

    Yoga or Bhoga as a choice ?
    Definitely Yoga my path in the mist
    Body, mind and energy in one voice
    singing the song of bliss

    Thank you Sadhguru

  • KJ

    Do we know when is the next 21day Hata Yoga program ?