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Sadhguru, you have spoken about your relationship with Shiva. How he entered your life without asking for your permission. How could you let him trespass like this? And did you ask for anything in return?


never was spiritually inclined, which is a known fact now. Nor was I inclined to anything. I was not inclined towards a particular profession, not inclined towards a business, not inclined towards any person, not inclined towards anything. Simply a fire without direction. A bit angry with the world around me. One thing is the level of injustice that you see in the world kept me that way. A bit of my fire turned into anger, as when a man is young, stupidity appears to be the worst of all crimes – that also burns me a bit even now. And it is all-pervasive in various aspects of life. How people conduct themselves, how they conduct the life process within themselves. The ridiculousness and the stupidity also kept one percentage of my intensity towards anger.   Intense – not about anything. Angry a little bit – not about anything. There was something within me constantly telling me I should not invest my energies into anger. But I liked the feeling of anger at that time. Anger was the only thing that gave me some sense of purpose; otherwise I had no purpose about anything. I was simply burning hot just towards anything. Anything I touched was absolutely on, but nothing in particular. So anger gave me some sense of purpose because I was angry about something, but I was intense – purposeless and directionless.

Shiva likes people who are not inclined towards anything, but simply a burning. Just life. Life does not mean your food, clothing, family, society, things that you do and do not do. Life just means this (references himself), this is life. And life is a purpose unto itself; it need not have another purpose. It is a big enough phenomenon; its magnitude is too large for it to be focused on something else. It is a purpose unto itself. It is an end unto itself. It does not need another direction. Many people in the big cities in the world are asking this question, ‘Sadhguru what is the purpose of my life?’ (Laughs) They want a god given purpose, or they want to be the chosen one.

To know the source of life, to know the divine, you just have to be life and nothing else but life.

The moment you think you are a chosen one, you will start doing all kinds of idiotic things because when you say, ‘I am a chosen one,’ you believe you are special. Once you are ‘special’, you will get ‘special’ treatment from life. But this is about just being life, just ordinary life, like an ant, grasshopper, elephant, tree, mountain, rock, just like that. Simply life. Nothing special, just ordinary. So ordinary it turns out to be extraordinary. ‘I want to be special’ is a kind of disease. Once it catches you, you will do all kinds of idiotic things to prove that you are special and you will invite things upon yourself which are absolutely unnecessary for anyone.

To know the source of life, to know the divine, you just have to be life and nothing else but life. But right now you are a man, woman, mind, thought, idea, philosophy, belief system, maybe you are just a slogan, who knows. People have reduced themselves to all kinds of things. So these are all deductions from life, but you come here as life and fizzle out as life. In between it is left to you what kind of blunder you want to be. Because you can never be anything other than life.

You can imagine that you are a king; maybe a thousand people around you may also call you your highness. But it is just a game. The reality is that you are just a piece of life. Either you blossomed into your ultimate possibility, or you are an unsprouted seed or an unblossomed flower, but nothing happened. If nothing happened, you think you are safe.  Either you lock yourself in a prison – prison is a very safe place – or a coffin is even better. Very safe. Nothing ever happens to you. We can even make it termite proof.

That which is the basis of life has to come to you if you are just an intense piece of life, there is no way it can avoid you. There is no way Shiva can desert you if you are a burning piece of life. But you become something else and something else and something else…Things that you can never be, things that you realize you are not only when they bury you.

Birthdays and burials are related, if one happens the other is inevitable. Happy birthday to myself and all of you. We are mortal and that makes our lives very precious. May you live a great life.

Love & Grace,

*Excerpted from the Sathsang of September 3, 2013, on the occasion of Sadhguru’s birthday.

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  • Sid

    words cannot describe

    thank you thank you thank you

    • Gayathri Kumar

      Happy Bday Sadhguru. Other than your will may nothing else work for me. Pranam.

  • Vijay

    How blessed we are to celebrate birthday of ‘The life’s greatest celebration’ itself!

    How fortunate we are to celebrate the birthday of ‘The Birth-less’ and the ‘deathless’!

    Happy birthday sadhguru :)

  • Diane De Baun

    Happy Birthday Sadhguru!

  • NetiNeti

    May you come to guide and bless us again and again……Love you Sadhguru.
    Tasmay Shri Guruve Namah…..!

  • Ambedkar Podeti

    Belated Many more happy returns of the day sadhguru…Shambho!!!

  • Karthik Abilash

    Belated birthday wishes sadhguru, God bless us all.

  • Sreevalsa


  • Padmanabhan Gopal

    Belated Happy Birthday, dear Sadhguru. Wish you many many happy returns and a Big SHAMBHO

  • Karthikeyan Subrmanian

    Happy Birthday Sadhguru….

  • Keerthana Sukumar

    Birthday wishes to great Sadhguru who is the breathe of my life.Many thanks to you dear Sadhguru to have touched my life so beautifully and to have transformed me.
    Wanting to be under your grace forever.

  • Naveen Narang

    Belated Happy Birthday Sadhguru. Had no means to wish you on that day except remote wishes from my heart. Sincerely need your blessings. Thank you for everything.

  • Vaidehi

    Sadhguru.. I am THE CHOSEN ONE… by you… who else could break me…but YOU. thank you…

  • Prashanth

    Belated birthday wishes to a yogi

  • Rama

    Love and Grace too. Birthday wishes Sadhguru.

  • vishal

    an umbrella in the dark night,aarthi,-very surprising and confusing from Isha!!new path??”Happy Birthday to MYSELF and all of you”?????

  • raja mohan naidu

    happy birtday to my beloved guru

  • Vidit

    happy birthday Sadhguru.

  • NetiNeti

    Sadhguru……You were neither born nor will you die……it is our great fortune you incarnated through this body to handhold us. May this day remind us to accelerate awakening to flower into our True Nature……Pranams.

  • Tarun Agrawal

    happy Birthday Sadhguru.. May your work be the light to take us across this ocean. Pranam!

  • Uthya Balan

    Belated happy birthday Sadhguru ji… Bless us all to spend each moment of our life in the rain of your grace and love Sadhguru ji… No words… Thank you so much Sadhguru ji…

  • Rajesh

    Happy Birthday Sadhguru

  • subhash

    So Sadguru has given a new goal, to be intense and fiery, so that Siva enters you too. Beware, it is much better trying to be exceptional, a favored one than remaining an ant, a grasshopper. Is that any kind of life? Shiva can wait. Let’s party. Let’s go to the dance bar. Let’s celebrate Ganesh Utsav. Never to return to be intense and fire. Pun intended.

    • Ramji

      Again our Subhash Buddha has come…thanks for your wonderful nonsense comments in these blissful posts…I’m sure you will become some great enlightened grasshopper or ant some day…best wishes…

  • Ceekaykay

    Too many birthdays to celebrate
    And one inevitable silent burial
    But we the chosen ones always think
    That the show will go on forever
    And we will always be on center stage !

    (Termite proof coffins ?? — an excellent idea)
    Pranams Sadhguru

  • indirapriya

    Who else can wish like this! relating birthday and burial, peak of awareness!

  • Achari Ross

    I come from Ireland. In the native gaelic language we say “Breithla Shona Duit!”. Pronounced “Breh-Law Huna Ditch”. Happy Birthday to you! Many happy returns.

  • Rajyalakshmi

    Many many happy birthdays Sadguru. We are lucky that you are there for me- I always wanted a ‘live guru’.

  • kskumaran

    Namaskaram Sadhguru,
    Wish you many more happy returns of the day.

  • Saravanan D

    your birth makes our life meaningful… pranams for your mom and dad… for give us a superman…

  • gowthama

    no words to say……. my dear guru…………

  • Sri

    Sadhguru – Belated birthday wishes from your child… :) Hugs!
    – Sri

  • Krishna Kumar J S

    Your blessings Sadhguru to be intense