World Independence Day

On the occasion of the Indian Independence Day, Sadhguru looks at what it would take to celebrate a day when the world becomes free from borders and distinctions, and celebrates World Independence Day.

Sadhguru: India became free sixty-six years ago. However, it is of no use if the country is liberated but man is not liberated. It’s time man becomes free. One always tends to understand freedom as, “I will do whatever I want to do.” If you do whatever you feel like doing, you will get trapped in your own limitations. Freedom means you are capable of joyfully doing whatever is needed. If everyone does what they like or whatever they feel like on a particular day, no one can stay together. Freedom is a result of responsible action. If we act responsibly, the flower of freedom will bloom.

Freedom will not happen just because you send somebody away. True freedom will happen when we become free even from the need to have a certain identity of a nation. The technology and power that human beings hold in their hands today are such that it is disastrous for people to think in terms of nations. It is time we think as humanity. Otherwise there will be no freedom. We will only get locked up in our own rigidities.

If we can celebrate “World Independence Day” in the next few decades, when we become free from all boundaries, borders and distinctions, that would be a tremendous independence day. That must happen – a day when we break away from the national shackles and just become one humanity. This is not an empty dream or a utopian idea. People always look at situations from the basis of existing realities, not at what is beating within a human heart. The individual longing to go beyond limitations is not being considered at all. If we stoke up what is beating in individuals’ hearts, creating a situation where we can celebrate a World Independence Day is not far away.

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  • subhash

    Very ordinary and routine comment, such statements come from politicians not Sadhgurus. Come on, any one would talk of a boundary-less world as freedom. But is that true freedom? True freedom is in enlightenment. Spiritual masters should never take their sight off it and encourage people towards enlightenment. Only an enlightened person enjoys freedom.

    • arun chakkravarthy

      that is why he says it in beginning “However, it is of no use if the country is liberated but man is not liberated” which he always stresses human beings suffer from physical identification which is unfortunate and in this social world it is really hard to come out of such identifications. one needs to transcend the physical limitations to become enlightened as we are all limited by our own body which is a natural thing.
      it is the political mind that created the boundaries without realising the whole world is one, its the same energy which is residing in every one. that is the role of a guru who tries to give a clarity as inner and outer world is same who has seen a bigger picture in their enlightment…

    • Goutham

      When an area is marked on what to talk and what not to talk for a spiritual guru, then he/she does not qualify to be a spiritual guru, because essentially spirituality is about liberation(Freedom) which means no boundaries. In the path to liberation, you essentially break all your boundaries(limitations or identities) and when this happens, how can we have different nations? If only every human aspires and works towards it, automatically all boundaries(identities) dissolve. This is precisely what Sadhguru is wanting and has mentioned it here.

  • Babu

    It is like NO PASSPORT and NO VISA, just take a transport and land where ever you like !

  • arun chakkravarthy

    i would love to see that one day. definitely possible….

  • arun chakkravarthy

    i would love to see that one day….

  • Chandru Radhakrishnan

    @disqus_M8xTmEusOo:disqus : Please note the very first line which says, “However, it is of no use if the country is liberated but man is not liberated.” He has mentioned about individual liberation or enlightenment at the very first line itself. Please read through the blog cautiously before making a comment upon it.

  • VijiS

    Man(kind) is still to transcend the animalistic nature of marking boundaries.

    • Ceekaykay

      Man(unkind) will never transcend his created boundaries unless he is more open to other possibilities. Animals simply cross over and don’t erect fences.

  • Ceekaykay

    Yes Sadhguru , I also dream of a day when we can celebrate world independence day and like migratory birds we can also cross borders without passports and endless security checks. Where minds are without fear and heads are held high. where freedom and responsibility complement each other. Where blacks and whites and browns and yellow mingle freely to create a tapestry of peace on earth.

    For centuries men dreamed of going to the moon and they did when the time came. Every dream will bear fruit when we believe and work towards it. You have planted the seed of a noble thought and it is our duty to nurture its growth into a plant and tree. And we will, yes we definitely will………….

  • M k

    Looks like Subhash is a confused mind.

  • Geetha Krishnamurthy

    Reminded me of this…

    “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a
    part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and
    feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical
    delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us,
    restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few
    persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this
    prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living
    creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

    Albert Einstein

  • Krishna

    @Subash doesn’t have any work other than finding fault (which are not there) in Sadhguru’s articles. I am seeing him doing this from the last 2 years or so. krishna

    • asn

      U r absolutely correct.i m also seeing him doing this.

  • Nadir

    Beautiful thought and would love to see it happen where identity is not sort by religion, caste, language , region or a nation. Where, humanity is not segmented into herds/group. Where when one dies, it not his nationality/religion/region that is stated to make us immune but his/her name is mentioned. Where bias and prejudice do not hold us short, but an open mind that can listen, process and provide a valid recourse as a sentient being that we should be. Where humanity is at the core, where every action an individual takes defines him not the language he speaks, the religion he comes from, the caste he belongs to or the region or nation he hails from. That level of independence from bias and prejudice creates the most binding responsibility, because what he does, defines him or her. In this elevated state, he transcends from being a part of a group or herd to being an individual , responsible aware and striving for exercising his Independence in context of others, and they, as individuals, reciprocating the same, forming a global human network – The Global Village – talked about, since last two decades, but one day Sadhguru, hopefully together, as individuals, with this paradox, we will attain the enlightened state. Till then, we all work towards it, in our own ways.

  • gaurav

    only a true visionary can think like this…Sadghuru is the bestest best!

  • indirapriya

    When each and every human being is liberated in this planet and feels true freedom, automatically that day is the World Independence day!.Spiritual Masters’ goal is also the same. Pranams

  • anoop chandrasekhar

    Wow !! world Independence Day…what a wonderful theme…but this Idea can be put forward by just one country and that is India….because it has ralised “vasudaiva kudumbakam” thousands of years ago!!! but if world has to listen to what India says, it has to become NO:1 in the world, a leader of the world both economically and politically….lets all of us work towards that goal…

  • Ceekaykay

    How can we be ever free
    With the tonnage of nukes around
    Where suspicion reigns supreme
    And most world leaders are of mind unsound

    But a day will come as my Sadhguru dreams so high
    And we like birds on the wings of love and freedom fly
    And man talks to his brothers in language of the heart
    And it is never too late for us to make a real start……..

    Pranams to Sadhguru