Job stress seems to be part and parcel of today’s fast-paced lifestyles. But it isn’t actually our jobs that stress us out. The cause lies much closer.

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  • Manoj Muthukuru

    Beautiful example supporting what Sadhguru often discusses as to how we associate our sensations and perceptions as ours and elaborates about seeking pleasantness which is within our reach, within us.

  • Arasi

    Exactly!! I am really amazed of this stress management hype!!

  • Devi Maa

    Great idea but with out more information of what he means by managing ourself. My husband drive a truck some one pull in front of him and can’t see them and you wait for crash how he manage that?

  • Natarajan. V

    Yes, No one other than me is responsible for my actions. Principally agreed how to have control over my wavering mind. Can any one suggest short and practicable solution.

    • Hello

      Do what you like.

    • Indian Assault

      Doing small things right will lead you to happiness. Kiss your child, dog, hug your wife, play a game, exercise, enjoy what ever you do. that will make things happier .