The telegram service came to an end earlier this month. Among the final messages that were dispatched at the telegraph offices was one by Sadhguru.

The telegram was supposed to read:

“May you know the bliss of the Divine. My last telegram. Love and Blessings, Sadhguru.”

But the wire service mixed up a few things and the last line in the message skipped the word “Love.” It ended up reading:

“My last telegram and blessings.”

Here is Sadhguru’s humorous response when he was informed of the mistake:

“This is my last telegram for sure but my blessings are lasting for you.
And this is the last mistake the Indian Telegraph office will do, so please pardon them.

Love & Blessings

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  • Ceekaykay

    So what if the word “love”, is missing ? We all know there are tons and tons of love in every blessing that comes from Sadhguru.

    Harbinger of news once good or bad
    The telegraph has now been laid to rest
    Trust worthy communication once all that we had
    Despite howlers and blunders at its very best
    Sincere best wishes messages for funerals
    And heart felt condolences during betrothals !
    (Long live the telegraph – RIP)

  • Manoj Muthukuru

    Sweet: A deep sense of humor should be so important for the enlightened gurus to bear the social mess we live in.

  • subhash

    I do not think the telegram people made the mistake, they may only have corrected the message to make it look appropriate. Say when you use the word last, it means this and no more. In other words, it may indicate the person did not last thereafter. So when Sadhguru wrote the message ‘my last telegram’, they might have taken him to exist no more and clipped the rest of the message. In any case it was unnecessary to say ‘my last telegram’, since the telegram service was coming to an end on that day.

    • Isha

      you’re overthinking this! haha :)

  • Rajesh Gupta


  • Linga

    Now also Only one telagram is available, ‘thina thanthi’ tamil news papaer

  • indirapriya

    Very precious message and the telegram to be protected for years to come.Pranams Sadhguru

  • Abi Propnex

    Please change the topic to bsnl s last telegram by sathguru or something like that. Its scary to even imagine the world without our mighty master. Thanks. Abi.