Sadhguru redefines our understanding of love, and tells us how there can be no such thing as a relationship of love.

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  • DomLiz Adams

    A most wise message here….thank you! :)

  • Ceekaykay

    There is nothing real in the statement “I love you”,
    But when the often used “I”, and “you”, disappear
    What remains is “Love”, that expands like the vast sky blue
    Leaving no more choices and everyone becomes dear !

    (Timeless wisdom – Thank you Sadhguru)

  • Ranjani

    As always, comes just in time…sadhguru – namaskarams. Thanks for saving me from transactions and making me realize the taste of being in love…help me to dwell in this and this alone forever and ever…bless me!

  • Preeti

    How do I listen to this audio clip? I am trying to listen to it on my phone but am unable to find the “Play” icon

  • Jaya

    Namaskaram Sadhguru could you please throw some light on Taj Mahaal story, I bow down

  • Reshma

    The Truth,The whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth :)

  • Vinita Verma

    Beautiful message. Thanks, Sadhguru.