Sadhguru explains how everything we do can be a spiritual process. Even eating food is a tremendous possibility to experience union.

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  • right

    thank you very much sadhguru

  • Srinivasan Menon

    If you can eat without any thoughts and enjoy the bliss in eating you can experience union. If you eat to satisfy your mind and mental patterns or addictions, you will grow horizontally but you will not grow spiritually. Your eating can destroy your mental and physical health, if you eat to satisfy your mind by ignoring the body.

  • Ranjani

    I was thinking of how blessed these people are to whom my Masters himself is serving food!! :) Little me …:)) Sadhguru!!!!!! and I opened this page while having my lunch!!! How is it that you know what I must do everytime and all the time????? HOW HOW HOW??? My Master…Namaskarams……and tons of love…..Thanks for happening to me in my life….

  • sachin

    Use ‘Chrome’.. it plays everything ;)

  • sri

    I don’t get any audio links.. should I download any plugin

  • CV Subash (Mentor Coach)

    just eat — that is all, nothing else. here & now… Simple, but a powerful reminder.