In last week’s Spot, Sadhguru spoke about a new sadhana which is being introduced separately for women and men, allowing them to become more receptive to Grace. The dates for each sadhana have been finalized, culminating on the Thaipusam Day for women and Mahashivarathri for men.

Thaipusam Day – Sadhana for Women

Thaipusam, which takes place on the first full moon after the winter solstice, is traditionally seen as a day of auspiciousness and grace, which a person can make use of for their wellbeing. Particularly, it is a day when many siddhas, seers and yogis chose to leave their body and attain to their ultimate nature. This is also the day chosen by Sadhguru for the prana pratishtha of the Linga Bhairavi temple.

For 21 days preceding the Thaipusam day, a special sadhana will be open for women to connect with and receive the Grace of Linga Bhairavi Devi. The sadhana will start at the beginning of Uttarayana, a time of great spiritual significance, when the sun’s run shifts to the Northern Hemisphere – a time recognized as highly conducive to receive Grace.

This year’s sadhana for women will take place from 6th-27th January, 2013. For more information, please contact: 94864 94865, 94890 00333 or

Shivanga – Sadhana for Men

The Velliangiri Mountains are also known as Thenkailayam or South Kailash – a space where the Adiyogi Shiva himself spent some time. Over the ages, many siddhas and seers have enshrined their energies and Grace in these mountains, which can be accessed and imbibed even today. Every year, lakhs of devotees make the pilgrimage to the Velliangiri’s sacred Seventh Hill, a space of tremendous power and energy.

On the night of Mahashivarathri, devotees have a rare opportunity to make this pilgrimage after undergoing a vrata – a period of sadhana. Open only to men, this sadhana enhances receptivity to the energies of Dhyanalinga, and allows them to explore higher levels of experience in body, mind, and energy. The sadhana will start at the beginning of Uttarayana, a time of great spiritual significance, when the sun’s run shifts to the Northern Hemisphere – a time recognized as highly conducive to receive Grace.

This year’s sadhana for men will take place from 27th January -10th March. For more information, please contact: 83000 15111 or

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  • Prashant Kaul

    wow a kid like me whose just 20 , can i join? i have no such experiences, but certainly my understanding makes me curious and curious…

    • Tina Jabr

      of course!

      • Prashant Kaul

        ok thanks :) pranam

    • Linga Bhairavi Temple

      yes u are allowed to take part in this sadhana.


      • Jayaram

        Is sadhana available for devotees from USA? If so which centers are available for initiation?



      • venkat

        anna,do i have to stay there for entire 42 days or i can come back and stay at home

  • Vijayaragavan Chakrapani

    I bow down to Sadhguru…

  • Simmi

    When would we know about the details of sadhana? Can’t wait!

  • Subash Surendran


  • radhai S

    Pranams. Please let me know about the details of the residential program for women, since I have to apply for leave.

    • Linga Bhairavi Temple

      thaipoosam sadhana is not residential program . you need to come to ashram only on 27th jan.

    • Linga Bhairavi Temple

      pls send a mail to to know about thaipoosam sadhana.

  • maheswari

    pls send information for women.

  • maheswari

    i want lyrics of gurupaduka stotram. can u send .

  • BeyonceCIA

    can someone participate if you live in the us ?

    • Linga Bhairavi Temple

      sorry you can take up this sadhana next year . this sadhana is for the people living in India.

  • venkat

    Do i have to stay for entire 42 days in ashram !!

  • jaimini

    hi what day do the women have to be there for the sadhna program as we need to book our tickets

  • brahm1952

    How about people who have Diabetics. For example Sugar patients are not supposed to stay with empty stomach. Doctors advise them to to eat littles at regular intervals. Therefore eating only 2 times a day will be difficult for Sugar patients. I would be grateful if you can suggest a way out for this. I am very much eager to participate but I have this constraint.

    • Swami Pranaka

      Namaskaram. There is a way . . It’s not an issue if you keep your system in a certain level which is much possible to be practised by any one. Pls mail your fasting & PP blood sugar and HbA1C level to for further clarifications.

  • priya

    Sadhguru mentioned that Sadhana can be done anywhere. I didnt expect that we need to come to ashram. I live abroad and can come only in June 2012 to ashram. I was eager to participate.

  • Linga Bhairavi Temple

    Namaskaram all,

    We would
    like to clarify that the Sadhana announced by Sadhguru during the
    Suryakund consecration is only relevant for people living in India, at
    this point. Because of its content and also because of the logistics
    involved, it will not be possible to include meditators living outside

    Perhaps next year, Sadhguru will unfold something that can be done
    anywhere in the world, but for this year, let us see how to deepen the
    Sadhana we already have been offered, and make use of this powerful time
    of the year in every way we can.


  • Linga Bhairavi Temple

    You should come to ashram on jan 27th morning before 7am..

  • Linga Bhairavi Temple

    Guidelines for shivanga sadhana.

    1. The sadhana begins on Jan 27th and ends on Mahashivarathri, March 10th.

    2. It is mandatory to be at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore on Mahashivarathri


    3. The initiation process into the sadhana will be conducted on Jan 27th, at a center/
    location near you. (Please mail us your address). The Dhyanalinga square
    pendant, a black cloth, a bhiksha hundi and prasadam will be provided.

    4. The donation amount is Rs.300.

    5. 7 mantras should be recited with devotion thrice a day, and a specific asana is to
    be done.

    6. The Dhyanalinga square pendant, and 21 rudraksh beads are to be worn around

    the neck.

    7. The black cloth should be tied around the right bicep at all times, even while

    8. Smoking, alcohol and non-vegetarian food should be avoided during the sadhana

    9. Participants should bathe twice daily. Please use snanam podi (bathing powder)

    instead of soap.

    10. Soak 8 to 12 peppercorns overnight with 2 tablespoons of honey, mix with lemon
    juice and water in the morning, and drink on an empty stomach.

    11. Participants should have only two meals a day. No food should be taken before

    noon. If hungry, the pepper-honey-lemon juice can be drunk once again.

    12. Please wear only whites or light-colored clothing.

    13. Vibhuti should be applied in-between the eyebrows, at the pit of the throat,

    behind the ears, at the solar plexus and the navel.

    14. Participants should receive bhiksha (cash) from at least 21 people during the
    sadhana period. Participants should be shirtless when asking bhiksha. The

    bhiksha hundi should be carried while receiving bhiksha.

    Contact : Shivanga Sadhana (gents ) – 8300015111

    Volunteer- Dhyanalinga Temple

    • Gurubiksha

      Anna/Akka, Kindly clarify to whom we should ask biksha. Pranams

    • raghu


      Am I allowed to groom myself in these 42 days – like shave & hair cut, as am in a client facing sales role.

      Also, am undergoing some treatment for my skin & using a particular soap & shampoo, please let me know if I am allowed to use it.


  • Gurubiksha

    Anna/Akka, Kindly clarify about taking biksha. Can we take biksha from friends, relatives? Is there any specific instruction to whom we should ask for biksha

  • Lokesh

    Hello, I am in the US and I am very interested in this Sadhana. I would like to know if I can be in India on the initiation day and on the Mahashivarathri as well. Can I stay in US on all the rest of the days? Kindly ket me know.

  • neeraja yellamraju

    Namaskaram, I would like to know how to enroll for Taipusam. I stay in Hyserabad pl let me know the details.

  • ram

    i am waiting eagerly… ohm namah shivayah..

  • suresh varma


    I stay at Gandhidham, Gujarat,nearest centre is ahemedbad, i would like to do this sadana, kindly advise me about registration and the guidelines for this sadhana

  • Adithya

    Sadhguru – He speaks of the spiritual processes like a techie — like a scientist— His thoughts make me go in awe! Wow! WHAT A MAN!!

  • Natesh

    Hi I had bought a OM pendent and now i am missing now i would like to buy one more is there a option to get one from there since i live in bangalore.