Sounds of Isha

Mystics have always used sound in ways far beyond the realm of mere entertainment - by breathing in an ethereal dimension into simple rustic sounds from life around to give us a taste of the beyond. A simple twang of the ektara (ancient Indian string instrument) often did what a thousand words could not do to touch people.

Sounds of Isha is Sadhguru's own home grown, anomalous group of 'musicians' - inspired by their deep yearning and sense of gratitude. Dabbling with and melting into their instruments, their work is a subtle fusion of the rich and diverse beings that they are. Coming a long way from their first performance four years ago, today, Sounds of Isha has two albums and a huge 'fan following' to its credit. The group members are full-time volunteers with Isha Foundation, living a life of dedication and austerity; thus, their inspirational songs are usually created after a full day's activity, due to their passion and zest to share a different dimension of the foundation's work.

Their melodies are a fusion of music from different parts of the world - traversing effortlessly and seamlessly across boundaries and cultures. Whilst the music of these songs sooth our minds and the melodies enthrall us, the true potential of the songs is in their capability to instill in us an element of the eternal silence that touches the core of the human being.

The performances of Sounds of Isha are set apart to deliver a potent and intoxicating ethereal concoction, transporting those who listen into subtler states of being - becoming the basis for inner exploration.

The group has performed at the Jahane Kusrauv Festival in 2006, at several WPO, YPO, UN and other prestigious conferences. They have also performed along with percussion Maestro Shivamani, Sufi Singer Zila Khan and Popular Performer Remo Fernandez at the Mahashivarathri festival in 2008 and 2007.

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