Sadhguru on Peace

Sadhguru answers questions on peace with profound simplicity while urging every person to look inward for truth and liberation.
Sadhguru's Answers for Questions on Peace

Question: Despite an increase in spiritual seeking all around the world, we still see ourselves on the brink of a war today. Why?
Sadhguru: Forces of love/compassion and anger/hate are always functioning in the world. It is a seesaw game. The question is: Which end of the seesaw do you want loaded? If we are really on the brink of a terrible situation, it is all the more important that the spiritual process is applied more vigorously as ultimately that is the only thing that will maintain sanity in the world.

Question: You say peace begins within. What is the true nature of inner peace?
Sadhguru: Peace is achieved in many ways. Generally in the world, when people talk about peace, it is only about somehow making their ego comfortable. This peace is of no great significance. This is not peace. Peace means nothingness. Peace is not something that you create. Peace is not something that happens. Peace is something that always is. Peace is the fundamental existence. What happens on the surface is disturbance. Peace is like the ocean. On the surface of the ocean there's turbulence, but deep down it's perfectly peaceful. Only if you are in tune with that quality, you know true peace.

Question: What is the root of most conflict among people today?
Sadhguru: The moment you start believing in things that are not a living experience for you, you are natural conflict. Now, what is the intelligence in moving into belief? The only thing is your ego feels comfortable "I know" is the only way you can make the ego grow, isn't it? "I don't know" is a big loss for the ego. When you say, "I don't know," you are incapable of conflict, you are a very humble and wonderful human being. See, you may be a very peaceful, nice human being today, but when somebody challenges your belief tomorrow, anger will arise within you, because you are so deeply identified with what you believe in. The moment you are identified, your identity is threatened with the belief system. Your survival instinct takes over and you will fight. We are going on talking about bringing peace to the world. I was a delegate in the United Nations for the Millennium World Peace Summit where we talked about bringing harmony and peace among religions. Why the need for tolerance and forgiveness? You think somebody's wrong, you're right. Now you think he has to be saved. He thinks you have to be saved. Both of you believe things that you do not know really. If you realize "I don't know," you cannot fight. Without being capable of bringing peace into your own being, there is no way you are going to be capable of bringing peace to the world. Isn't it so?

Question: Are you saying that we individually have an impact and responsibility for conflict or peace in the world? How?
Sadhguru: If you can't make this little mind peaceful, are you going to make the world peaceful? Whatever you see in the world is just a projection of your little mind, an enlarged projection of your mind. Is there anything happening in the world which is not happening in your mind? Now, this science of yoga is a way to look inward. You cannot look inward if you're identified with something because the moment you're identified, all doors are closed to you. The very way you think and feel depends on what you're identified with. Right now let's say, for example, you identify yourself as "I am an American." Now, a situation happens, the very way you feel and respond to it is in a certain way. At that moment in national interest maybe it's a good thing, but still, instead of reacting to it you can respond to it more intelligently. When you're identified, you just become a reaction. You have no choice to think any other way. You have no capability of seeing the other person's point of view. You have no capability of seeing from where the problem is springing. You will just react. It's better that you come from your intelligence, not from your reaction. If you have to come from your intelligence, first thing is you must be able to look at things just the way they are, not from an identity. The moment you look at anything from an identity, you are prejudiced about it, isn't it?

Question: But how do we function without an identity?
Sadhguru: This moment when you simply sit still, you are just a certain amount of energy. Only if you think you will become a man, you will become a woman, you will become American, you will become white, you will become black; you will become so many things if you think. If you simply sit, you are a just certain amount of energy. That's all there is. Beyond this identity you call as "myself" is a certain amount of energy functioning in a certain way. What kind of expression this energy finds is what your life is right now. This energy, this moment, can be very peaceful. Next moment this energy can burst forth in anger. This same energy can become joy, misery, love, hatred. This same energy can become ecstasy. Yes? At different points in your life you have felt this same energy finding expression in different ways. How did your energy find expression in different ways? Whichever way the external situations were, accordingly, you reacted to that. Or in other words, your life energies are in deep enslavement to the external situation.

Question: When things in the world are not in our control, what is the right action to take to be peaceful?
Sadhguru: As long as your life energies are in deep enslavement with the outside, you are bound to live like an accidental person. If situations around you are conducive, you are okay. If situations around you are boiling, you also boil. The basic aspect of being human means that everything in you should happen by choice. That's what freedom means. Everything should happen by choice, not by compulsion. If you had a choice as to what kind of expression this energy should find right now what expression would you offer it? Joy- there's no question about it. Nobody needs to teach you to choose to be joyous. That life has already chosen. Finding a conscious expression to your life energies is the important aspect of being here as a human being.

Question: But isn't it ultimately up to God, not human beings, to create peace in the world?
Sadhguru: Whatever you are referring to as God, how to know this? Thoughts and emotions about God are not enough. Somehow you must go beyond the sense perception. Only then you perceive that which is beyond the physical. How you get there is not important. If you cannot transcend your senses, your perception of spirituality, your perception of God, is fundamentally imagination. Emotions and imagination about God may sustain you, may solace you, but you will have no living experience of it. It will not liberate you. It will help you to sleep peacefully tonight. But the purpose of a spiritual process is not to make you sleep, to awaken you in such a way that you will never again fall asleep. That's why the first step is always that you become an "I don't know." Not just an intellectual "I don't know," but every cell in your body should scream, "I don't know." Then knowing is not far away, because what you wish to know is not on the mountain top, it's within you.

Question: How do we move beyond our senses?
Sadhguru: Can you do anything to go beyond the senses? Please look at it. Is there something that you know that you can do to go beyond the senses? Yoga and spirituality is about seeing how to transcend all limitations. If you want to transcend your limitations the first basis that you need to set is, stop fooling around with ideas, ideologies and beliefs. Just see: what I know, I know, and what I do not know, I do not know. As you go deeper into this, you will see how little you truly know about yourself. When you come to a big "I don't know," knowing is just the next step, just one moment. The only reason the spiritual process seems to be such a struggle is you are not willing let go of your conclusions. Otherwise, there is really no struggle, it's very simple. What you call as truth, peace, enlightenment, is something that is already there within you. It is not somewhere else to be attained. Yoga is just a device to help you see that it is there, that's all.

Question: How can we know the ultimate peace within?
Sadhguru: Who can deny what is within you? Only yourself. So, that aspect of you, what you call as "myself," is just a bundle of conclusions that you have made about life. These conclusions as to what's right, what's wrong, what's good, what's not good, will not allow you to move. You are the only barrier. If you remove yourself, then to be spiritual, to be peaceful is natural. It is just getting back home. What you are referring to as myself is just your mind and body right now. You have to use your body and mind, but you don't have to be identified with them. To be spiritual means to become free from the body and mind heaps that you have gathered. Once you have broken loose from these two, you're back home. It's very simple. If you become willing, it is one moment. Willingness means you are willing to drop all the conclusions that you have made. You're willing to be here as your creator intended you to be. Simply life.

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