The beautiful breath:
an oceanic expanse.
Riding the waves,
watching the tides
take me away
into myself.
Cleansing the past,
shedding the shackles.

You gave birth to me;
I owe you my life
which I would have squandered
without You.
Instead of committing suicide
in installments
or in one fatal blow,
I dedicate this one to You
which is anyway Yours.

Dying into You has been the sweetest
my beloved breath
as the path,
Your venom
thickens in my veins
tightens my heart
so that it explodes
with exuberance.
You have dissected me,
made me examine my insides;
my guts pour forth,
refreshed by the gaze.

I had become apologies
instead of awareness.
Now I'm an empty vessel:
You fill me.
I'm your tool:
use me.

I want to drink You up,
You make me intoxicated.
You tickle my insides,
You make them bubble
with bliss.
I can't get enough of You,
this compulsive craving
won't subside.
You've ignited
a fierce thirst
which can only be quenched
by Your knowing showers.

You, the tender destroyer,
break me down with
Your blows
and sculpt me
with Your clay.
Death in your hands
is eternal life.

Becky, Isha Meditator

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