“Isha means that which is the source of creation.
Kriya means an inward action towards that. Isha Kriya is a
simple yet powerful tool to move from untruth to truth.”

- Sadhguru

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What people are saying about Isha Kriya

"I have been practicing Isha Kriya for five months now and the changes I've seen have been remarkable. I am thinking less and have less of a need to know "why" about everything. Life seems to be flowing without conflict and just feels more cohesive." - Mary, Colorado, USA

“I just practiced the Isha Kriya meditation and was surprised how powerful this meditation with Sadhguru is – even through an online video! I certainly felt a sense of inner peace, balance and a separation from attachment." – Olga Avila, Holland

"I went through the Isha Kriya process today and felt tears welling up in my eyes....I felt something – sort of an urge to enjoy it longer." – Aparna, India

"Thanks, Sadhguru, for helping me. I took the Inner Engineering course last July in Florida and came away settled and at peace. But after a knee replacement surgery in December, my whole body and my mind has been so difficult to deal with. Just listening to the Isha Kriya has made it possible to feel that same peace again." – Gill Jones, USA

"The kriya itself is amazing, so subtle and so simple and yet takes you so deep, charges you up so easily. I find it fits so well amidst Shambhavi, Shakti Chalana Kriya, and Shoonya." – Nadesh, Pediatric Surgeon, Malaysia

"I went to hear Sadhguru (the founder of Isha Yoga) speak in March this year, on the recommendation of a friend. I had no previous experience of meditation and only a little of yoga. The experience of the meditation technique he taught at that session was really quite amazing. Just that one small exposure has given me a sense of inner calm that has enabled me to handle a difficult period in my personal life far better than I could have ever thought possible. Sadhguru has a sense of humour and view of life and the world that I think everyone would do well to learn from." - Alida Horne, Legal Secretary, Pennsylvania, USA

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