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Midnights with
the Mystic

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"With the elegance of simplicity, this book takes you on an exploration of consciousness, that will shift you to a higher reality."
Deepak Chopra

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Constructed around a series
of late night conversations around a camp fire between Cheryl Simone and Sadhguru Vasudev on an island in the middle of a Western North Carolina lake near her mountain home, Midnights with the Mystic is the most thorough exposition of the teachings of India's most sought after mystic. Sadhguru challenges us to embrace the possibility that to each of us is available a higher realm of reality, a peak of consciousness; an entrance into the realm of freedom and bliss. Concrete and down-to-earth, Midnights with the Mystic both provides readers with an introduction to profound spiritual teachings and a personal glimpse of a charismatic guru.

Mystic Wisdom
The 2 hour video companion to Midnights with the Mystic is now available for sale at the Isha Download Store

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