"A Gift of Grace: Mahasathsang in Chennai"

- By Hoda Elassal

January 19, 2003, I was filled with excitement as I arrived at the Marina Beach, Chennai. The sound of the waves, the scent of the water, the feel of the sand under my feet, was enough to send me to ecstasy - let alone the promise of Sadhguru's presence, in this Mahasathsang. It was too much to bear. The place was already getting charged with his familiar electrifying energy, as if every drop of the ocean water, every pebble of sand was waiting for him, like me.

I got busy wiping chairs as what seemed like hundreds of volunteers were getting the place ready for tonight's event. Weeks of preparation were about to culminate in this divine encounter. The volunteers' faces were radiating with the joy of giving themselves through every single action. Everything was done with so much love, care and attention, that I felt moved to my very core. The dais was glowing, shining, and awaiting him. I smiled in approval, always amazed at Brahmachari Rajasekhar's creativity.

Early evening, hundreds and thousands of people started pouring in. As I stood at the entrance welcoming them with many other volunteers, hands folded in pranams, my heart was throbbing happily for this gift of grace they were about to receive. I felt I could drown and melt in this sea of beating hearts, all coming to witness Sadhguru's grace. I am blessed; to be able to see my guru's glorious face, to hear his captivating voice, and mostly to have the chance to be touched by his energy, what an opportunity!

The evening started with Mrs. Sudha Ragunathan singing beautiful classic Carnatic songs, followed by Isha's bhrahmacharis and inmates chanting and enchanting us with the rhythm of the drums, the softness of the flute's tune and the aliveness bursting from them. When the musical performances ended, Sadhguru, with the sun setting in front of him, and the moon rising over the ocean behind him, started his discourse with his magical laughter. Ending his discourse with a meditation, he gracefully answered questions from the crowd.

I couldn't understand a lot of what was said since I am yet to learn Tamil. But the scene was familiar, as over 100,000 present were mesmerized by Sadhguru. I forgot the language and melted in his grace. His magnetism was spellbinding; "How we instantly fall in love with you, master." And fall in love they did. As Sadhguru started to leave, the crowds were like a rolling wave, coming from every direction, waiting to see him, to get close, as if wanting him to never leave their sight.

And a single voice sang, unaccompanied, floating above the faraway din of wind and waves:

Dhayai Purivai Gurunadha Thandanitten Undhan Thaal Panindhu Dayai Purivai Gurunadha

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