Ishanga 7%

Sadhguru is offering Ishanga 7%. Ishanga (Isha – anga) literally means ‘A Limb of Isha’. This offering by Sadhguru is a partnership; an opportunity to be a part of making his vision happen, while allowing Grace to function in your life, leading you towards your ultimate wellbeing.

If you are an Ishanga 7% partner, it means that you are willing to contribute 7% or more of your earnings / Business Profit regularly towards the development and completion of a variety of Isha projects.

"It is time we strike a proper partnership – and this 7% partnership is not empty words. I have always been hardcore about using Grace only for spiritual wellbeing. But I trust if we smoothen your economic, social, family, and other activities with a certain level of Grace, you will spend more time and attention on your Ultimate Wellbeing."
€ - Sadhguru

"If you look at yourself as a machine, you have brains, you have a body – but Grace is the lubrication. Without the necessary lubrication, even a great machine cannot function well."
€ - Sadhguru


"This 7% partnership is a simple device to breach the boundaries of who you are, so that something far bigger than you becomes a part of you and your life. This is not about me taking your seven percent. It is just that if you reduce what is you and yours by seven percent, it will create the necessary space for you to receive Grace. Seven percent not just monetarily, but seven percent of your life. If you allow this to happen, I will ensure that your life will be as wonderful as can be."
€ - Sadhguru

“There is a beautiful situation in the Mahabharath between the two parties, the Kauravas and the Pandavas. They were going from kingdom to kingdom, campaigning for the kings to put their armies behind them for the Kurukshetra war. Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, and Yudhishthira, a devotee of Krishna and the eldest of the Pandavas, went to Krishna to seek his help in the war.

Krishna said, “Both of you have come, and both of you are asking for the same thing. Let me put it this way: one of you can have my army, the other can have me, but I won’t fight. I will just come with you. And because my vision fell upon Yudhishthira first, he gets the first choice.” Duryodhana protested, “I came here first!” Krishna said “But what can I do, I saw him first.” Then he told Yudhishthira, “You choose what you want.” Yudhishthira said “Bhagwan we want you, I don’t care about the army. You don’t have to do anything; we just want you with us.”

Duryodhana was so happy. He knew the Pandavas were idiots, but he never thought they were such idiots that they would choose one man against 10,000 trained men – what a foolish choice! But that choice made all the difference to what happened in the war.

Nanmai Uruvam

Nanmai Uruvam

As part of this sacred 7% partnership, Sadhguru offers the “Nanmai Uruvam”, which is a very powerful energy form. Sadhguru will initiate you into a certain process through which you can easily connect with Grace, and experience It as a living presence in all that you do. Please click here for further details.

If you are making your contribution for the first time, a registration fee of Rs. 1,008/- needs to be paid by cash or cheque/DD favouring Isha Foundation payable at Coimbatore.

To become an ishanga 7% partner click here

Nanmai Uruvam


We have had accounts of some wonderful experiences from people who have been to the ceremony, and are following the process.

“About six months ago, I was informed of the new Ishanga partnership, and that it was open not only for business people, but for salaried people too. I felt that this answered something I had been seeking. Over the last six months, I have found that somewhere there is an unseen hand, guiding and preventing financial loss from happening. Since I have been with Isha, in these three-and-a-half years, never have I experienced Sadhguru’s presence so intensely. Some hidden resistance within me has just broken.”

- Smt. Vidya, Mylapore – Chennai

“Ever since I signed up for Ishanga 7%, in my heart and in my mind Sadhguru has been my partner in my business and my life. My business life has never been the same again.

I don’t claim to understand what is happening, but in complete chaos, all seems to happen as if it were just meant to be. As a great side effect my business has grown... Not by percentage points, but by multiples; in leaps and bounds.”

- Rashid Surti, Ishanga and businessman, Mumbai.

“The opportunity of having Sadhguru as a partner is just unbelievable. Ever since I signed up for the 7% partnership, Sadhguru’s grace has become an all-pervasive presence in whatever I am attempting to do – whether it is work, extra-curricular activities, or my spiritual quest.

New dimensions and opportunities are opening up. My partner is making Life happen in a big way..In every way.”

- Kalpana Maniar, Ishanga and Head Business Solutions & IT – BSG & Tech, Mumbai

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