Tsunami Relief

Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation

Isha Foundation which already operated centers in the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu was quick in its response to the unprecedented and catastrophic death and destruction caused by the tsunami on 26th December, 2004. In coastal areas of Chidambaram and Cuddalore and the devastated villages in Vellankovil and Nagapattanam, thousands of Isha volunteers from all walks of life tirelessly operated relief camps from the very first day, offering food, shelter, quality medical assistance and psychological relief to the victims. Specially designed Isha Yoga classes were also conducted to help those affected cope with the disaster, through physically and psychologically strengthening tools.

Personally participating in the relief and rehabilitation programs, Tsunami Relief Sadhguru made several visits to the affected areas – closely directing and overseeing the process. Eight Mobile Health Clinics, complete with their medical teams, supplies and thousands of volunteers, were immediately moved from their project sites to the coast and put at the disposal of the district administration.

Subsequently, working closely with the administration, Isha Foundation adopted four villages in Cuddalore district and completed a model rehabilitation program that was highly acclaimed by the beneficiary communities and the state administration alike. In addition, Mobile Health Clinics were permanently dedicated to implementing Action for Rural Rejuvenation in 60 coastal villages.

Isha Foundation delivered its first permanent house to the victims within 30 days of the disaster. The novel housing design developed promptly by Sadhguru himself, was certified as fire, earthquake, cyclone and tsunami proof by various institutions. Further, a boat manufacturing facility was set up on the premises of Isha Yoga Center to respond to the urgent need for fishing boats (the sole livelihood provider of coastal villagers). Volunteer engineers and professionals assisted to restore livelihoods lost through the calamity.

A massive tree planting program and creation of a green belt through Project Green Hands was also undertaken and is ongoing in coastal villages affected by the tsunami.

For in-depth information about Isha Foundation's Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation operations please visit www.ruralrejuvenation.org/relief.

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"We must understand what the disaster is. A huge wave is not the disaster. The disaster is human. People who lost their family, that's the disaster. Somebody lost his livelihood; somebody lost his home; that's the disaster. Somebody doesn’t have something to eat tonight; that's the disaster. So, this disaster is not just on the physical plane. A human being’s suffering is hugely within himself, more than outside. A few packets of food may arrive, and he may get to eat; however, the new conditions - that he has to sit on the street side and eat, not in his home, and that his family has disappeared - that is the real disaster, the human part of it." - Sadhguru

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